The Tale Of The Tape: Xbox One Vs PS4 MMA-Style

It's time for the Tale of the Tape. Both of our fighters are very alike physically, but stylistically they couldn't be more different.

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GrandpaSnake1700d ago

hahaha pound for pound ps4

moparful991700d ago

"The XBOX 360 was the undisputed champion"

Umm thats news to me. Last I heard it was a draw.. Sensationalism at its worst.. smh

cell9891700d ago

Last generation the PS3 won by split decision after a hard battle

Madderz1700d ago

Sales were pretty even I thought?

The exclusives gave Sony the win last generation.

TLOU & Deep Down put the nail in that coffin.

Godmars2901700d ago

When has the PS4 been inconsistent? When has the XB1, considering the 180s, been consistent?

CryofSilence1700d ago

I'm a little confused about that too. It's Microsoft that has been inconsistent with its several reversals in policy and contradicting PR.

Madderz1700d ago

I hope this is to be taken as lightheartedly as it is written.

If not then the author is a bit misguided.

PS4 inconsistent? How so? Its been out a week!

360 Undisputed champion of last gen? I know a few people who may actually dispute that LOL!

Maybe i'm being a bit of a Nazi here but hey ho!