“The Slaying of Sandy Hook” ignites controversy, hatred

Vyralize: December 2012, as you’re no doubt aware, a great tragedy struck the nation when a gunman (whose name I will refrain from using) entered Sandy Hook elementary school and murdered 26 students and teachers before ending his own life. It seems like a bad idea for something to make a game about, but that didn’t stop Ryan Lambourn, a notable maker of flash games and movies who got into the spotlight in 2007 when he made another flash game based off the Virginia Tech shooting. The game was posted on,, and… and it hasn’t taken long for people, understandably, to protest its existence.

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Speed-Racer1556d ago

Wow this is really messed up BUT what about other games that portray terrorism bombings in the middle east? Why don't we bat an eye then?

zeal0us1556d ago

Society is selective about what is okay and what is controversial.

Shooting terrorist=okay
Playing the terrorist=controversial (Remember what happen to MoH? before the name change of the opposing force)
Sex= controversial and get hits with AO rating
Killing of children=Taboo

BobBelcher1556d ago

it's just straight f*cked up. 20 children died. There is not reality where that should be hilarious/fun/generally okay.

Sarcasm1556d ago

How about Killing in general is terrible?

But seriously, are you trying to downplay the tragic event at Sandy Hook?

zeal0us1556d ago

When I said "Killing of children=Taboo" I was referring in video games not real life.

_FantasmA_1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Yeah like every COD. Why do I always have to play as an amurican "hero" that kills everyone else in the world. Sorry but killing and bombing other people does not make one a hero. Its murder, genocide, and there is no such thing as good guy that kills hundreds of people in the name of peace. I want to play as an Iraqi, Chinese, or other oppressed country and shoot muricans to switch things up. Seriously, I feel like these modern warfare games like COD, Battlefield, Homefront etc, are propoganda used to brainwash kids into thinking highly of the governments obsession with bombing the crap out of anyone who even looks that the US wrong.

BullyMangler1556d ago ShowReplies(1)
mcroddi1556d ago

This will never end...

BobBelcher1556d ago

Some people shouldn't have rights.

Sketchy_Galore1556d ago

People are still doing this? This type of thing stopped being edgy in 2004.

Kyosuke_Sanada1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I look at it look like this, it all boils down to several things like parenting, circumstances and such. If someone is hell bent on killing, weapons will be acquired for such, legally or illegally. If there are no more guns, people will kill each other for whatever means necessary as proven in centuries before hand. Humanity is a violent animal race whose tendencies can only contained but the thing is if we were ALL unified on a whole regardless, of language, creed, religion....I think we would have made strides already in deciphering the human psyche and creating the proper measures to recognize, contain or possible help these individuals at earlier stages to prevent things like these from what happened.

However, people with major influence on the world don't want to invest any time in making uniting human beings all because of one thing, no one is making financial profit from it or pride in relying on another country for help.

It's kinda like gaming, what if honest-to-goodness people who only created or publish games just for the love doing it flooded the industry and got paid fairly for it. Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft sharing ideas with each other to creating the best possible systems through quality alone instead of thinking of fleecing the consumer for less. I think gaming technology would have advanced tenfold by now......

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