Current Gen Need for Speed Rivals Didn't Suffer Due to this Year's "New, Shiny Machines"

With November boasting both the launch of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 all eyes may have been been on the next-gen consoles versions of Need for Speed Rivals. However, a great deal of work has also been invested in making sure the current-gen versions of Rivals are in top condition, according to Rivals lead designer James Mouat.

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ThatEnglishDude1768d ago

Great racing game! Fun as hell, easy to pick up and play, controls well, nice seamless online integration, solid visuals. It's a really well made little racer!

creeping judas1767d ago

Cant wait to try it out today!!

GarrusVakarian1767d ago

So jealous. I have it pre ordered for PS4.

Hurry up Nov 19th!

curtis921767d ago

If current gen didn't suffer, that means next gen did. Tired of these cross platform games.

Skate-AK1767d ago

Dude, it's launch. The games will only get better and better.

Sarcasm1767d ago

"Tired of these cross platform games..." PS4 has only been out a week and X1 only out today.

Sooo... just give it some time

thehitman1767d ago

Its because its a racing game... there is a reason why racing games show the best performance early on and later they dont drain the hardware like other games do. I also feel bad I probably didnt go for NFS and I went for 2k14 instead havent enjoyed a good racer in awhile.