Review: Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut 3D (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo: "While $1.99 price point is great, the sad truth is that there’s very little here. Even with leaderboards and trophies, it’s still the same monotonous gameplay (grafted onto uncomfortable controls) spread over two short levels that simply repeat over and over while never changing. When a game is priced this low I’m fairly forgiving, but there are still some standards to be met, and I still want to have fun. I didn’t have much with Crazy Chicken unfortunately. A mindless shooter to play in quick bursts could definitely make a good home on the eShop, and I’m hopeful that if the series continues, future installments will show a bit more thought and care. I’m sure this game will have some appeal for series fans or budget gamers … it just wasn’t for me. I’ll stick with Teyon’s other $1.99 eShop game, Bird Mania 3D."

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