Xbox One Disc Drive Issues are Real. I Know, I'm Having Them

VideoGamesUncovered's Ian writes -

"So I went down to GAME all kiddy like a school child to pick up my brand spanking new Xbox One. Did the standard queuing up, chatting with other consumers and what not before leaving the store as the proud owner of not one but two Xbox Ones (one for me, one for a friend)."


Resolved: Xbox One was replaced by GAME within 24 hours of requesting a new one from head office. Failure rate from my store comes out at about 2.5% though obviously that's a small sample size.

GAME are offering replacements though your local store may not have the stock at the moment. Once you get a reference number, a replacement will be sent to your local store asap.

GAME support recommend anyone with the issue first try running the console upside down as this has corrected the issue in some cases (seems to be a loose part that needs shifting out of the way or something).

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ThatCanadianGuy5141762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

The sound from the video is exactly like the problem this guy is having.

What could it be? sounds like maybe a belt issue? getting caught up and scrapping against the plastic on the inside? Thats what it sounds like.The drive trying to pull the disc in but it's jammed up

No.It's not the same guy.
So far it's the author of this submission
A video he linked to showing the same problem
And a third guy from the link i provided.

3 faulty drives so far.

bobsmith1762d ago

It was designed to just install games and play without the disc ever again

then they changed the drm so now it has to check the disc every time is where this problems coming from I think.

Trekster_Gamer1762d ago

It is also designed to watch movies,,, your premise is incorrect.

Eonjay1762d ago

The sound of that drive is horrendous... its obvious not working... I wouldn't put my discs in there is because it might get stretched.

Maddens Raiders1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )


Sounds like a weird SOS from an outer edge galactic outpost.

"Oh dear please help... ccrrrrrrrttttttkkkkkkkuuukkkuu ukkkkkk.."

"Oh dear please help... ccrrrrrrrttttttkkkkkkkuuukkkuu ukkkkkk.."

"Oh dear please help... ccrrrrrrrttttttkkkkkkkuuukkkuu ukkkkkk.."

UltimateMaster1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

I guess they "fixed" the DRM issues of the 360 but overlooked the 360 disc problems. Last time that thing scratched discs.

Oh yeah, they went with the cheapest disc drive to save on cost and to "not give a lot of royalty" to Sony and the 9 Blu-Ray partners.

Anyone else feel like they could have prevented this?

user55757081762d ago


no i think they just used the cheapest crap possible in their console to cut costs and its not paying off well for them

DragonKnight1762d ago

What you don't actually know is that this is how Microsoft is going to reintroduce their DRM, but in a more restrictive way.

Purposely build a bad disc drive so you get so fed up that you'll download all your games instead of buying disc version, then get subjected to digital version DRM which acclimates you to any DRM they want to impose in the future just so you can play a game.

I keed I keed, I joke with you. Or do I?

GameSpawn1762d ago


No it was designed to cut costs wherever possible. Microsoft just went with the lowest bid for optical and hard drives. Just look at how cheap they got with the 360's optical drive. Are you surprised?

Microsoft's hardware design is driven by economics not engineering. For Microsoft cost comes first, design second -- make it cheap then make it work (or at least some loose definition of the word).

P0werVR1762d ago

Even though I and people I know haven't come across this issue, I wonder how prevalent the issue is and are we susceptible to this. I hope not and bad news indeed if more people come across this.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1762d ago

@Eonjay... blu rays don't scratch. One of the Sony PS3's fighting points.

And it's true. Blus don't scratch. No worries there.

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Sitdown1762d ago

It's Microsoft saying we are going to make you go digital one way or the other. Just is hoping that at 12:30 I will not be experiencing any of this. Is the Microsoft store going to be the only place to purchase the pin Ultimate Edition of Killer Instinct?

vigilante_man1762d ago

From a soon to be UK owner of a PS4 can I just say congratulations to every new owner of an XBox One.

I am jealous you get yours first. I hope all these problems get sorted soon and you all enjoy your brand new next gen greatness.

All true gamers wish you the best of times!

Pixel_Enemy1762d ago ShowReplies(3)
avengers19781762d ago

Quick everyone blow this out of proportion... Just like the PS4 issues... No matter how small the percent actually turns out to be, it's a huge, huge problem /s

Battlefieldlover1762d ago

My xbox one blew up my house!!!!! I also live next to a children's cancer treatment hospital and the blaze caught that on fire too. 22 million confirmed dead

Overblown accomplished :)

nypifisel1762d ago

I have to agree. I'm quick to criticize the xbox one for the direction MS have been taken but this is preposterous. This is no proof of any widespread problem. Just like with the PS4 and any consumer electronics there are a failure rate.

T21762d ago

Yes I stated the ps4 issues were way overblown, so is this... as I saidbefore wake me when the console has a worse than standard electronic failure rate.

avengers19781762d ago

@battlefieldlover nicely done

insomniacgamer1762d ago


Mine went nuclear but luckily a PS4 fanboy flew in and used his powers of troll'ism to misdirect the issues and contort reality enough to save the human race.

Thanks PS4 Man!

wcas1762d ago

Depends on percentage of consoles with this problem. For now it's too early to tell whether it's being blown out of proportion. Hopefully it's just a small percentage.

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TruthInsider 1762d ago

Xbone has just punched a child!

bsquwhere1762d ago

Ok that was funny, bubble to you.

Madderz1762d ago

That made me spit my coffee out.

Well done sir.

Have a bubble.

mrmarx1762d ago Show
Retroman1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Hmmmmm, wonder how MS will handle this???

or any other revealed issues on the net made it from youtube to N4G this time around.

hiphopisdead1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

hundreds of thousands of xbone ones, where it's individual parts and the final product itself were all handled by machines, hand, plane, boat, truck, skids, etc... there are so many points where something could have gone wrong that's outside of any 1 company's hands

There is always an expected defect percentage for any product... whether you're buying 100 hard drives, cars, pcs, laptops, phones... expect that 5% could have problems. dont expect any different from consoles.

if you happen to be stuck with a defective one at launch... that sucks... but try to get queued up asap for a replacement.

the world does not revolve around each of us... as long as the failure rate isn't > 5%... that's a success imo

Noodle41761d ago

Where do you get your 5% acceptable and expected failure rate from? It does seem to be a small number, but it is 1 out of 20. Besides the Xbox 360, what other product has ever hit this mark of failure out of the box or soon after? Keep in mind, the shipping and handling process is typically designed into the product, as are operating conditions.

I did get an xbox one with the faulty disc drive, and considering how widespread the manufacture and use of disc drives are, I am a bit surprised by the reports of failures. Also, if this has anything to do with shipment, handling or use, then the failure rate will rise rapidly over time.

My other concern with this was that Xbox support would not even discuss the product failure without first registering the product. Sorry, I don't need to register a lemon, then wait 3-4 weeks for the product to be repaired, not to mention my warranty is now that much shorter, basically out of the box.

esemce1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

It's not an error, it's a free drum roll. Thanks MS love you long time :(

I'm glad I cancelled both my pre orders, both consoles have a weak 1st party lineup. And I still have a sh1t tonne of older (better) games to play on all systems anyway.

Ps4Console1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

I picked my sons up today with no issues though I don't like the console it does what it says with the kinect & works great .

LonDonE1762d ago

360 also had a garbage drive, the changed it so many times, the light on, etc but all were garbage if this is going to be a similar problem on x1 then that's disgusting! you would think after the 360 drive fail problem they would have nailed it on x1?

Anyone who was naive and stupid enough to buy x1 at launch has no one but themselves to blame!
I wouldn't wish it on anyone, after 7 360's red ringed on me, and no i didn't buy 7 consoles some were replacements, regardless its not a nice feeling!
oh Microsoft when will you learn????

wastedcells1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

My console is acting up too. This sucks. Had red ring on the 360 launch and now this. Disappointing. Not to be a dick but thank god I have a ps4 and Zelda on 3ds to play.

Noodle41761d ago

Add another, I got one right out of the box, was looking forward to some cod ghost

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Funantic11762d ago ShowReplies(3)
Bigpappy1762d ago

I approve this message. literally. this looks to be a huge disk drive issue. looks like ms has to spend some money replacing drives. need to find a new supplier asap.

n4rc1762d ago

So were up to 2 and its a huge issue?

Gimme a break...

Pixel_Enemy1762d ago Show
GTgamer1762d ago Show
Boody-Bandit1762d ago

Sh*t just got real. Fans of the same hardware manufacturer are turning on each other. Their cannibals! j/k

On topic:
Like I said last week, not that those that wanted to rub salt in a wound that never existed actually listened, let's chillax until we have a percentage rate. These could be isolated issues.

GTgamer1762d ago

I meant to say guys not gays my apologies.

Trekster_Gamer1762d ago

If 2 is a huge number then that's makes the ps4's launch catastrophic by comparison with all the issues the ps4 has had!

Anon19741762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Why would they release a percentage this time? With the 360 they steadfastly denied there was even a problem for well over a year and even when they extended the warranty twice we never received a statement from MS confirming what the failure rate was. We heard 16-50% over the years from polls, retailers said it was a third of launch consoles and even a leak within EA said half their launch consoles had failed, although that story was quickly pulled and later denied by both EA and MS. That was when MS was still denying a problem.

Why on earth would they release a stat this time if there's a problem?

BX811762d ago

@pixel relax buddy. You're no different then the people you're writing about. You came here to make a big deal about this. You realize you're getting mad because people said there were failures in a piece of plastic. Either way I personally find hardware failure unacceptable from any company. This whole...were under a certain % of failures so were ok! is BS. Take pride in your product but that's mass assembly for you. It's all about the money and lower quality.

Bigpappy1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

I have seen 3 so far and they are all disk drive related. That is why I pointed out that this COULD BE a huge issue.

Problems need to be reported. My interest is in these companies taking care of the issues that would affect people who buy their products. I don't have any bond with companies.

I happen to buy Xbox because Xbox was the console to draw me back into gaming. I enjoy the features that M$ adds to the consoles. What I don't want I don't use.

For some reason I have never owned a Play Station. When the PS1 came on the market is when I left. It is not about hating Sony, I own many of their products even now. I was a Turbo Grafix guy. The same way you guys see M$ as trying to take your money, is how I saw Play Station back then. Every thing that used to be included in the system was all of a sudden an add-on. Then when I did try to play my brothers, I hated the F'ing controller (still do actually). But it is really not a hate of the system, it just never won me over.

But back to the topic: I like full disclosure (whether it be 2 or 2 million). Those of you who can not appreciate that: Sue me!

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stiggs1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )


Why would you approve of faulty hardware? I'm not sure why you would celebrate the fact that people are having issues with the game console that they purchased. Unless, of course, you're just a jerk.

Bigpappy1762d ago

Why are you accusing me so celebrating? I don't understand.

You must be one of those people who were trying to suppress the PS4 failures.

People need to know there are possible issues and what the issues are. Why should I not approve of some one making it public?

slapedurmomsace1762d ago

completely agree. Just because it's not your console of choice doesn't mean we should celebrate this crap. If people are buying the PS4 or Xbox One for their kids for Christmas, and this happens, not good.

Not to mention, games NEED competition in the console race. If there was none, the PS4 may have been the PS3 part 2 which was a horrible launch with difficult hardware. Without the PS4 the Xbox One would be a diskless media server that can play games. But I guess people enjoy others failures as if they are their successes.

IanVanCheese1762d ago

Bit of an over-reaction. It's almost certainly a small issue affecting a few consoles. The fact I couldn't find a single thread on MS support about this issue has convinced me it's not massively widespread.

Just wait and see, I severely doubt we'll see anything worse than the fail rate Sony has been experiencing.

MysticStrummer1762d ago

This may be a small issue, and to freak out at this early stage would be wrong, but not having something official from MS means nothing. They denied a certain major 360 problem existed for a looong time.

Also, the fail rate Sony has been experiencing is very low, so while I hope all is well for XB1 gamers I don't think you should "severely doubt" that XB1 could have more. Both consoles could have a lot more failures and still be within the acceptable range.

CGI-Quality1762d ago

You mean the mere 1% Sony experienced? Doesn't sound like an issue at all and I can see the X1 having around that same percentage (which is absolutely fine in the world of electronics).

IanVanCheese1762d ago

CGI: Wasn't implying it would be any better or worse. No hidden Sony bash there, just saying it'll probably be a similar rate and it's to be expected.

Hicken1762d ago

... just like with the issues your fellow fanboys wanted to say were prevalent on the PS4, we don't know how widespread this is. For all we know, maybe a few hundred systems- which isn't many at all- are affected.

I'm not gonna stoop to Xbox fanboy levels and praise this at all- cuz it sucks, regardless- but I agree with darkride: if this IS a big problem, I don't think we'll get a straight answer out of Microsoft regarding the percentage.

Hell, even if it's small, we still might not get a straight answer.

MasterCornholio1762d ago

I don't mean to scare you but a Chinese newspaper reported several months ago that a factory was having issues manufacturing bluray drives for the Xbox One. At the time people accuased the newspaper of being a bunch of Sony fanboys and they dismissed the issue. Hopefully it isn't a major issue.

Nexus 7 2013

Philoctetes1762d ago

A little too soon to leap to that conclusion, don't you think? It's a fact of life that when hundreds of thousands of people open up a new electronics product for the first time, some of them are going to be broken. The guys in these videos obviously have busted drives. It doesn't follow from that that this is a widespread problem.

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Max-Zorin1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

When a new system comes out, system problems are bound to happen. People getting a thrill out of it have some serious issues. But MS should fire the people manufacturing the system Vince McMahon style.

B-radical1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Hahah the urge to youtube vince mcmahon saying your fired......yes got to do it