GTA V Heists demand increases pressure on Rockstar

Product-Reviews writes: Some of you may have thought we were being far-fetched when we suggested that GTA V Heists wouldn’t have a release date until 2014. With Rockstar showing no sign of providing the content though, are you now starting to believe that Rockstar doesn’t really want to provide Heists, unless players start buying some cash cards first?

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tr00p3r1765d ago

As legendary as Rockstar may be.. business is still business.. I have a feeling that they are going to do whatever it takes until they start seeing those cash card purchase numbers go up.

Philoctetes1765d ago

Yeah, I sold this game several weeks ago. Very good SP campaign, but incredibly disappointing MP. I should have learned my lesson from GTA4 and picked up at half price a few months from now, but I wanted on last swan song on the PS3. Oof.

-Foxtrot1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

See this is why online is never a good idea with single player focus games.

Sorry but I would take single player DLC like those we saw in past Rockstar Games then online DLC.

I know it's going to upset some fans but most people play GTA for the single player, if you bought GTA primarily for the online then I'm sorry but your just going to have to wait. When it comes to GTA or any Rockstar game so far, single player always comes first.

Maybe Rockstar next time shouldn't focus so much on the online, I mean it's had problem after problem. You get less money from missions now to try and get you to buy into micro transactions, none of the glitches are being fixed, people are abusing them and going around with a crap load of cash spoiling the fun for other players...not to mention most of the missions can only be done with a certain number of people, least give us the option to go at it alone. I've been in 2-4 player missions and to be honest you could do it by yourself. I think if your going solo and you have it on hard then you should get more respect and money for "taking on the world" so to speak.

I would of rather had the resources spent on the multiplayer, and I believe a lot of resources have went into it, to be spent on the single player.

porkChop1765d ago

GTA V and GTA Online were created by completely separate teams, and Online was worked on by every single Rockstar studio. It had no impact on the singleplayer whatsoever.

What I don't understand is how over 1000 developers working on GTA Online for 5 years still resulted in a completely broken, boring, and pointless multiplayer game.

-Foxtrot1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Yeah but you would of still had resources SPENT on getting the other team to do it.

It's like ME3, they had another team do the online but they could of spent those resources and money on their own team or the other team to help with fixing the ending and getting the full thing done on time...with the Omega DLC instead of cutting it.

steve30x1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

I bought GTA V mainly for single player but saying GTA V is focused primarily on single player is wrong. If that was the case why does GTA Online have more gameplay features than single player and why is most of the additional updates with more areas , more missions and more of most everything going to be primarily for online?

Single player map isn't going to get bigger and single player mode doesnt have ATM's that you can put your money into them , you cant buy properties in single player mode either. Everything that is in single player mode is in online plus more.

Also I would have prefered more resources were spent on single player with more missions , a bigger map and a much bigger list of cars with the ability to modify every single sea and road vehicle including big rigs.

rdgneoz31764d ago

"Single player map isn't going to get bigger and single player mode doesnt have ATM's that you can put your money into them"

You don't need to put your money into an ATM since you don't have to worry about others stealing it. Single player also doesn't punish you for blowing up vehicles around you...

pompombrum1764d ago

I don't think they should have called it GTA Online tbh and instead used it as a sort of stepping stone for a full retail release for a GTA Online product. It has so much potential but it's just dull unless you're playing with friends. They also need to find a way to add more pedestrians and stuff to the game because the world feels dead compared to the SP.

Heists would certainly help make the online more desirable but it's problems run far deeper than that imho.

hankmoody1764d ago

The problem with this game is, if you're playing with more than three other crew members, finding a job that will accommodate all of you (I'm talking 5 and up) starts becoming more and more difficult. Last night we had eight of our guys on, raring to go and we wound up getting split up into different jobs because we couldn't find jobs that we could all join in on.

porkChop1764d ago

The way I see it, the game supports 16 players. EVERY job should support those 16 players as well.

hankmoody1764d ago

By making most jobs support a low number of entrants, it kind of kills the whole idea of crews in a sense.

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