Quick Look: Watching TV With Xbox One

Wanna see what TV looks like when piped through an Xbox One? This was originally recorded for our launch day livestream, but we thought you might want to see/hear the Kinect in action beforehand.

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GribbleGrunger1731d ago

Follow the link, the Youtube video has been taken down for some reason.

Eonjay1731d ago

Thanks, yeah I had to remove the embed video, the embed code was garbage. Pointed to Youtube but not to a video...

Anyway, yeah this isn't what I imagined Kinect would be like. It seems in the way when it comes to TV. It only works for a select group of channels and it seems like you have to be talking at a certain speed, tone, and consistency or else Kinect ignores you.

It doesn't prompt you you repeat if it can't understand you, it just stops. Also no language parsing so your commands have to be verbatim; commands must be delivered in a certain pre-defined linear format.

ZBlacktt1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

When video gaming has become watching TV.... the beginning of the end. If I wanted to watch TV, I'd just watch TV.

That and all this talking and repeating himself over and over was getting me frustrated just listening to it, lol.

lastofgen1731d ago

It's an extra feature.
I don't think having extra features hurts..

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Godmars2901731d ago

The problem is that is divides your attention. Being able to look at TV at anytime, getting distracted by friends who either suddenly want to talk or play something else, that trivializes the game. Makes you less involved which in turn could effect how games are made. With ADD in mind.

Could even promote micro-transactions. Get people to pay to get though it.

JhawkFootball061731d ago


From that logic lets remove Netflix, Hulu, Web browsing, MP3 playing, movie watching, etc. I mean the console is just for video games right? It should do nothing else but play video games.


Godmars2901731d ago

Having multimedia features available on one system when not playing games is not the same thing as being able to use them at the same time while playing games.

JhawkFootball061731d ago


So since the Xbox One can play games & watch tv at the same time its a bad thing? But if it only allowed you to do one thing at a time ie watching tv, then it would be okay? Lol

Godmars2901731d ago

What is it with Xbox fanboys being only able to consider "their" console and nothing else?

Aside from TV, the PS4 has the exact same issue with social media being able to disrupt and distract from a game. Honestly thought I wouldn't have to mention it.

ZBlacktt1731d ago

Because you are a causal gamer. Welcome to our world TV person.

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kewlkat0071731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Lol at one point mobile phones only made that they can play games and do other sh!t it must be beginning of the end /s

I remember when a cable box was not an all on one DVR..must be beginning of the end... /s

I remember when televisions had 2 knobs and an antenna. .well ill stop there..

mightyhokie1731d ago

welll since his audio sounded like shit to begin with perhaps it would have been better if he had set up his kinect properly. if you put the kinect in front of your tv speakers or whatever of course it is going to have problems hearing you. just think of it as talking to someone with a hearing don't do it in the middle of a rock concert.
i have a LOT less problems with my 360 kinect than this guy and i know for a fact kinect v2 is better. its how you set it up. not trying to defend it, though. still, if you sit it next to a speaker what do you expect?
im getting an x1 in about 6 months once they work the kinks out and get some true next gen games out.

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Einhert1731d ago

Wonder how this thing will handle accents from the world over

Seraphemz1731d ago

Wow... thats a disaster!!! Its WAYYY easier to use the control rather than having to repeat yourself like an idiot screaming at your

Chicago85061731d ago

Neat feature for x1 owners.
Apparently one has to talk clearly/ properly for the cam to receive the commands, just as ps4 cam.

Game on.

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