Why You Should Buy an Xbox One Over a PS4

WWC: "The Xbox One’s launch is now only mere hours away, and if you haven’t decided to get one yet you most likely won’t even have the opportunity for a while. Just like the PS4, Microsoft’s next-gen console is sold out everywhere and is in high demand, which is odd considering there’s so many fanboys saying that no one wants one and that it has already failed before even coming out. I disagree with such baseless comments, and if you give me a little bit of your time, I will attempt to prove to you why that’s not true at all. The Xbox One is no failure, and it’s not inferior to the PS4 in any way that really matters in the end. This is a next-gen console that offers its own host of innovative features, solid launch titles, and a promising future."

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Saints941766d ago

From what I got was Kinect and a generic "my subjective opinion says xbox games are better then Ps4."

lastofgen1766d ago

Well, yeah.
It is an opinion piece, after all.

Subjectivity is pretty much key in opinions.

Doghead1765d ago

yeah lauch games for sure and microsoft is coming out guns blazing as always, then after the sales are up, they don't give a fuc.

ZBlacktt1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Just the appearance alone is a huge ( get it huge ) turn off. It is literally a box alright. Plus, I don't need a cable box/TV box. I have one already. I don't worry about 1080p content either. Love the Dual Shock 4's 100% redesign and the consoles very small sleek look. Just very very happy with the PS4 right now.

That and

Uncharted 4
The Order 1886
Infamous Second Son

all coming soon.

capjacksparrow1766d ago

Well there are a number of reasons to pick up an xbox One over the PS4...

1) TV
2) TV & Movies
3) Sports
4) Sports & Television
5) Call of Duty
6) Call of Duty
7) TV
8) Kinect

If any of this interests you.

Hicken1765d ago

Well, I'm only interested in Sports & Movies, so I guess it's not for me.

MuhammadJA1766d ago

it depends on the games.

KentBlake1765d ago

People seem to forget that the launch lineup is not the final lineup.

The Xbox 1 lineup may seem marginally better (matter of opinion), but there's just no question that Sony has a much better collection of first party studios.

I didn't buy a next-gen console (PS4, and I'm loving it) only for the launch lineup. I'm in it for the long run.

I may buy an X1 down the road, but MS needs to convince me that they'll keep making exclusives first (REAL exclusives, not that timed bullsh!t or games that also show up on PC).

Themba761765d ago

thats why i got a ps4 instead of an x1 because sony's studio's crushes microsofts.

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