Your Anti-Friendly Guide To The Current-Gen Gaming Consoles.

I don't ever buy consoles at launch and I find it stunning and laughable why anyone would ever want to or why people always make a big deal about the first clown who bought the damn thing because 8-10 years later nobody will care. The console's bug start taking over, there are hardly any games to play for it. There is also the inevitable price drop that will make you feel like a jackass for spending half your rent money at launch. No matter how glamorous, IGN, Kotaku and I don't know, say...CNN makes the idea of having a new console out to be, at launch you are paying for an expensive toy that will crap out on you 24 hours after you buy it. Nobody has yet to convince logically, why I need to get one now. If I'm not making sense here, maybe this video will help:

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prodg521699d ago

If no one bought consoles at launch there would be no console launches.