Phil Spencer: Killer Instinct’s Business Model is “an Experiment”; “We like to Try New Things”

With the success of the free to play business model on PC, it’s not so surprising to see console developers looking at it with great interest, and the first examples are already out in the wild. The latest example is Killer Instinct, that is about to launch (and actually already launched in Europe) together with the Xbox One.

Head of Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer explained the philosophy behind the choice of the business model and it’s possible applications.

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Fireseed1768d ago

I love KI, and I love this model but... It's not new, it's literally the exact same type of model as League of Legends.

Abriael1768d ago

It's semi-new for consoles.

Fireseed1768d ago

I'll agree with you there, I don't remember too many games that were built to be modular on consoles.

dedicatedtogamers1768d ago

It's not new. It's literally the exact same type of model as CAPCOM's fighting games.

-release incomplete game
-offer "premium" version
- "premium" version doesn't even come with the inevitable DLC

Nujabes_1768d ago

He doesn't mean it's new in the gaming industry, but it's new for the Xbox brand. It's the first time they did something like this.

XboxFun1768d ago

Try and keep your bias in check Dedicated and actually read the article.

DragonKnight1768d ago

@XboxFun: Figures you'd defend microtransactions.

This is actually nothing, look at what they're doing with Ryse and Forza.

Baka-akaB1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Seriously ? Capcom , and no one yet even , has never done something as imo lame as giving one single character , without even a say in wich you get , for a glorified demo /f2p . Except lots of riveting Jago jago matches online till more people purchase the other chars or the whole game .

And core character of other franchise were actually kept in the main game , not cast aside as dlc for the season pass . Others usually did it for extras or new chars

mediate-this1768d ago

Double helix from the start have been upfront with their approach to the f2p model the chose for ki( although i would rather have it all at once) capcom just lies and lies and lies then micro transactions everything. I hate capcom but i play sf4 religiously.

Bigpappy1768d ago

you guys are acting like they are charging 60 for the game. you can buy as much or as little as you want. If no one buy then it will fail and go away. if people buy it up you will see more of it. that is how it works

JasonKCK1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

DragonKnight name a gaming platform (out now) that has no microtransactions.

Gohadouken1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Could somesome of you drop your "console wars" and "fanboys" tinfoil hat for just a sec maybe ?

Bottom line is we are getting less , for the eagerly expected and demanded sequel/reboot of an actually successful fighting game .

There can be positive about the market expansion via f2p models , but the way KI handled it , isnt so much .

There are other f2p fighters on the market , and they are more complete despite being mostly free

For starters no one gives you one single character , and one being the same for everyone . They dont force you to only play training mode with said character , despite purchasing others or the whole package .

Like said above , core and key chars of other franchises arent being sold to you with a season pass . Fullgore as a dlc beyond the initial roster , is precisely like adding Ken or Bison as a paid dlc in a street fighter .

Then other got modes beyond survival and are less barebones

And most of all , you dont have the risk of feeling annoyed by the initial majority of online players with said same single free character FOR EVERYONE .

Had capcom pulled something similar , the whole FGC would complain even more , and so would people around here

XboxFun1768d ago

@ Dragon

"Figures you'd defend microtransactions."

Where do I defend microtransactions?

Look at what they're doing with ALL games on ALL platforms Dragons. You and Dedicated need to keep your sony troll fanboy bias in check.

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colonel1791768d ago

I think this model fits perfectly for fighters. A lot of people don't play with more than a few characters and they can just buy what the want and nothing more. However, I feel like buying the complete package is always the best.

They better don't be doing this for other genres, since I don't want to be paying for chapters in Uncharted, or levels in Mario, etc.

Digital-Devil1768d ago

You're right, people only play with a select few but they usually try them all out before deciding which few to pick. You're going to be paying $40 for the first season of characters which has 16 characters then another $40 for the season 2 characters which is another 16. I just don't see the value of spending $80 for 32 characters. Another thing is if this experiment is successful what do you think is going to happen? This F2P is going to slowly start becoming the norm and games will stop being a product you buy and become a service. I love Killer Instinct but I will not support this.

Volkama1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I hate microtransaction models. Hate them with a passion. I don't hate the KI model though. I can buy the full content for a fair (as gaming goes) price. Proper DLC isn't "micro" as such.

Forza, Ryse, Gran Turismo, World of Warcraft.... These kinds of games should get called out for microtransactions. I wish I had an effective way to "vote against" them. Not using them isn't enough, and not buying those games doesn't get the message across either.

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sovietsoldier1768d ago

its kind of lame the game looks good and plays good but they could have gave one more character to play as.

cyberninja1768d ago

That's one shitty model you have there Phil. How about you guys experiment with some new games?

Gridloc1768d ago

You need talented employees to achieve what your asking for.

cyberninja1768d ago

They need to start recruiting then.

Gridloc1768d ago

Seems to me their content with timed exclusive DLC and paying big bucks for third party exclusives.

Riderz13371768d ago

Lol like to try new things? Hilarious.

GusBricker1768d ago

Picked up a Xbox Live Gold 12 months card and got Shadow Jago, whatever the hell that means.

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