All That's Epic | Killzone: Shadow Fall Review

AllThatsEpic: The PS4 is finally here with its Killzone: Shadow Fall bundle. As we all open our newest prized possession this week and for weeks to come, one of the first things we will see is the new game Killzone: Shadow Fall. Being one of the first games to be out for the PS4 we are all expecting great things, and Guerilla Games did not disappoint with this amazing new first person shooter. Being the fourth game in the main series but the sixth overall, this is where it was all leading. So be prepared for an awesome game in a great series.

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Aery1698d ago

I'm in the MP now.
This game is really great and deserve more love.

GarrusVakarian1698d ago

Seems that many reviewers completely ignored/overlooked the MP and based their scores on SP....which is stupid.

MrDead1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Can you imagine what COD and BF would have scored if sites reviewed them solely on the single player part of the game? Makes you wonder why so many found it acceptable to do this for Killzone.

_FantasmA_1697d ago

Mr dead.
Its because its from Sony. The same way Mercenary on Vita was compared to console games. Anything from Sony is always held up to higher standards than their competitors. I guess it comes with the territory of being the king.

willie321697d ago

I'm glad GG have the 12v12 TDM on the servers. The game is intense with 24 people.

Omegasyde1697d ago

I think the mulitplayer is good but in a way it's a step back.

THe singleplayer is beautiful, but I didn't really did that helghans live on veckta. It made zero sense.

"We kicked your arse and pretty much made Helghan unlivable, so now we feel sorry for you. Oh I know - come share the planet with us!"

Killzone needs a 3rd element like say Earthlings waging war to both Helghans and Vektans. Or an alien invasion.

ssj271696d ago

Nickpick it all you want but you don't know what you are talking about..

The campaign is very realistic .. the only thing off is the directing and acting is bad most of the time in the game.. gg needs to work on that.