Triple-A Launch Titles Can Never be Fantastic

Gamnesia: "Like a million other people, I bought a PlayStation 4 last week with the intention of playing video games on it. But guess what I didn't buy: a video game. Maybe that’s a tad unfair considering that I have spent a couple hours with Contrast and Resogun from the “Instant Games Collection” that came with my free month of PlayStation Plus, but as of now, I have put zero dollars down towards the purchase of any software for my shiny new PlayStation 4, and I’m far from the first person to express apathy toward the system's launch titles.

Why I actually decided to buy the PlayStation 4 in the first place knowing full well that two maybe-good indie games were the only titles I was really interested in is another story entirely—I have faith in a lot of the titles coming down the road—but it did get me thinking a bit on the subject of why launch lineups just don’t seem to house any of the big, new triple-A games people are going to be praising as “ the definition of next-gen” a year from now."

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Majin-vegeta1697d ago

ND and SM would like a word with you.

porkChop1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

What launch titles have they made? Genuinely asking because I didn't know they made launch games in the past.

Vegetarianshark1697d ago

Weird, I don't recall any launch title from either of those company.

NukaCola1697d ago

ND's Crash Bandicoot launched the PS1.
PS2/3 were after 1 year releases.

meatnormous1696d ago

Crash bandicoot did not launch the same time as the ps1. I remember cause it was the first game to use a cd jewel case, and not the huge cases the launch games used.

lastofgen1697d ago

Well, Shadowfall is fantastic with brilliant visuals, given from what I've played and now, I'm just waiting on getting Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5 in the mail tomorrow. I'm sure those two won't disappoint me either.

ForgottenProphecy1697d ago

how are you getting disagrees? The level of fanboyism on this site is disgusting. Killzone Shadow Fall's multiplayer is as addicting as it is beautiful, especially with a group of friends in party chat.
Racing games aren't my thing, but Dead Rising 3 looks like pure zombie fun.
Even with the low scores, Ryse looks like it would be fun to play, just like Knack is a shit ton of fun, despite its scores.

STK0261697d ago

Of course he'll get disagrees. Playstation fanboys won't agree with what he said about Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3. On the other hand, Xbox One fanboys will take offense to his positive experience with Killzone Shadow Fall.

Such is life on N4G, and on most gaming related websites.

dcj05241697d ago

Forza is amazing but that's the only game I want on xbox

Vegetarianshark1697d ago

It baffles me how you're getting disagrees, really shows insecurities of some fanboys from both sides-_- Unfortunately you're not allowed to be a gamer anymore, there are only Sony loyalist and Microsoft loyalist now, it is now a sin in N4G to be a "console gamer".

Cuzzo631696d ago

Judging by the disagrees. The Peach fannies and pokemon groupies are in full defense.

Facts... WiiU is flopping. How many did they sell at launch. I love Zelda and I wont deny Mario is a world icon. But after playing mario after mario for years. It kinda gets old. Im 32 years old and the last Nintendo game I played was Mario64 and Ocarina of Time, which are classics by the way. But to say that they full fill the itch is crazy. Gta5, God of War, Forza, Halo, Uncharted... I mean these games and there are more are all classics in their own right. A mario game on old hardware is not gonna take 2 to 4 years to make. They can pop out mario games with ease every 6 months and no one would say a word.

fonger081696d ago

How in the hell did you get on Wii U tangent? You completely go against your own argument of repetitivie Nintendo titles by listing GTA, God War, Forza, Halo and Uncharted all of which have multiple sequels and even remakes. If you're stating that since you're "older" and these titles appeal more to you, that's great, but don't use the argument that mario gets old because they've produced countless sequels.

Octo11697d ago

Meh. It's a matter of opinion.

meatnormous1697d ago

I remember Super Mario World being a fantastic game when the super nintendo launched.

Auron1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Super Mario 64
Halo combat evolved

YoungKingDoran1697d ago

Fantastic is actually the exact word I would use for Resistance: Fall of Man, which was a launch title for PS3 and what I believe "AAA" means.

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