Xbox One Pre-Orders Arriving Early from Amazon

GIZORAMA - Did you happen to pre-order your Xbox One through Amazon? Check your e-mails for shipment tracking because we’re getting reports of consoles arriving a day early!

GIZORAMA writer James Parkin pre-ordered a Day One Edition through Amazon, and his console has been delivered as of 2:25 PM PST.

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Crazay1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

nice ham...and you're right... i'm jealous as well. Will pick mine up tomorrow at 7...and then go to work for 8 long agonizing hours

parentoftheyear1764d ago

Where you work? I can call a threat in. LoL. Jk enjoy your Xbox been seeing all the commercials on tonight looks fun. Have fun guys. Ps4 for me. One day I will own the xb1 just can't afford two systems right now. Game on.

cyberninja1764d ago

Pick up your system and call out from work. :-)

Pogmathoin1764d ago

Getting mine tonight, then bed... Then work.... Damn! On another topic, please join those avatars together....

Crazay1764d ago

Thanks Parent...I have a PS4 as'd be nice if you could call in a threat of some sort. LOL.

yankolo1764d ago

I got mine at 11am today jejejejejeej

ger23961764d ago

How are you liking it so far?

d_dogg20071764d ago Show
Ripsta7th1764d ago

Good luck to all future xbox1 owners, hope none of you are hit with problems. Luckily my ps4 has been working perfectly since launch , and enjoy those exclusives you guys got. Might get an X1 later on

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The story is too old to be commented.