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It’s a new age for PlayStation, and with it Sony chose to have Guerrilla Games introduce a new age for Killzone as well. Killzone: Shadow Fall not only brings us into a new era in the conflict between Helghan and Vekta, but it serves as a complete reinvention of the series from a gameplay perspective as well.

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GarrusVakarian1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Nice RATM reference ;)

Cant wait to jump on the KZ multiplayer next week.

Bio_Mod1762d ago

Greatness awaits 29/11/13

Aery1762d ago

I love this game ... Just play it without prejudice!

Bio_Mod1762d ago

@Aery I've been a fan of killzone since the original I will enjoy it :-D

MRMagoo1231762d ago

Australia gets it before europe so we have to wait less time yay :)

Rhythmattic1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Have my KZ bundle on order..... 2nd week of Dec I've been told .. Fingers crossed

As for Killing in the name of : - Cant get the track out of my head ...

Xer0_SiN1762d ago

kzsf is great. it isnt kz2 though. do not go into multi thinking youre getting kz2. youre in for a world of hurt. kzsf took a new approach and its one that we kz2 fans have to live with. once i accepted that, the game is awesome and im always finding myself trying to squeeze ina game or two bhen i can ;).

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ltachiUchiha1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Im glad a few reviews are giving killzone sf better reviews. Ive played killzone sf, cod ghost & bf4 for the ps4 & imo killzone sf triumphs both those games in both the single player & multiplayer. If your a big fan of fps games & plan on grabbing a ps4, i recommend killzone sf. U will not be disappointed. Alot of ppl ive met online in killzone sf are actually surprised how awesome it is online. Enjoy your launch EU & other areas in the world & hope to see u all online. Cheers.

Edit: Im not saying killzone sf is better then the other 2 but for what ive experienced online, killzone sf is silky smooth & actually fast paced compared to the old killzone games. Guerilla really did a great job with it especially for the multiplayer. Very big improvement from killzone 3.

OrangePowerz1762d ago

Is BF4 still horribly bugged?

Majin-vegeta1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Unfortunately yes/I was watching a live stream of it on the PS4 earlier and BAM!Game crashed.

My advice don't even bother with both BF and COD there a big pile of sh*t right now.

Omegasyde1762d ago

^^^^ Call of duty has some launch issues like latency (all cods have this) in the first week.

In BF4, you can only play TDM reliably. Even single player saves get corrupt.

mediate-this1762d ago

I think kz:sf destroys ghosts but not bf4, in my opion bf4 is the best multiplayer of three, i cant speak on single player cause i dont play bf4 single player, i play the kz:sf single player, and it really isnt anything special. From th alarm systems, to the crappy ai, it is the most beautiful of the bunch, but bf4 is nothing to jab at, bf4 looks stunning too, but kz:sf still looks a lil better. Ghosts is garbage, i played it and turned it off. Kz n bf4 are way beter then ghosts in my opion.

Ju1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

BF4 has some screwed up maps. Not sure if I'm liking it that much. SF has the best visuals in a MP atm, no doubt about it. But, it could use a little bit more life, tbh. A higher player count wouldn't hurt, either (32 at least).

I love what they did to the "historic" maps they brought over from KZ2/3. 30 years after and it shows. Totally wrecked since.

memots1762d ago

While Bf4 is not perfect yet. Kz is a lot of fun.
I am still adjusting to the aiming online but still manage a .60 k/d ratio. Its going up :)

El_Assenso1762d ago

I agree, like you I have played COD Ghosts, Killzone SF and Battlefield 4. Killzone SF definitely beats the other two games in every single way from game-play to graphics. Killzone in my humble opinion innovates whereas COD stagnates and rehashes maps and environments from eons ago.

CalebZachary84111762d ago

Glad to see some good KZ reviews. :)

corvusmd1762d ago

Judging by all the other KZ reviews, this was written by Sony and stamped off on...

mdluffy1762d ago

More reviews gave it above a 9, so this is a sad case of trolling.

scott1821762d ago

Judging by your one bubble you have nothing good to contribute here.

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