Xbox One Launch pictures from New Zealand

Here are some pictures straight from New Zealand of the launch of the Xbox One in the country.

The launch of the Xbox One is beginning momentarily in a matter of minutes in the UK as the clocks strike 12 midnight.

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ZBlacktt1646d ago

That a warehouse down by the dock?

TruthInsider 1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Who knew NZ had so many gullible mugs!

I bet 95% of them helped an African Prince to move money!

LogicStomper1645d ago

Firstly, why are we gullible? Secondly, why are you stereotyping my country? Thirdly , you clearly lack ANY knowledge on New Zealand.

I bet you're just a stuck-up insecure kid.

Drewminati1645d ago

hey man enjoy! we're enjoying here in new York

ignore that ignorant comment, he doesn't know any better

NewZealander1645d ago

Phil stfu troll, playing X1 and its freaking awesome!