10 Most Memorable Uses Of Music In Video Games

"Music has always been important in video games. Right from the off, when the gameplay was nothing more than waggling a stick and the graphics were three-pixel sprites, music still played an important part.

Sure, it was made up of plinky-plonky tunes, synthesised with the eighties most ferocious of musical weapons, but for all the kids that spent their weekly pocket-money down in the smoky arcades that were as often frequented by rusty old two-pence machines with old, purple-haired ladies hanging off them, as they were the latest games from Japan and America, the tunes that sang out from the hallowed Space Invaders box, the Q*bert machine over in the corner, and the Donkey Kong machine which stood front and centre, those songs are as important and synonymous with childhood as a scraped knee, getting dog sh*t in the treads of your new trainers, or the smell of fresh-cut grass on the mornings of the everlasting summer holidays."

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Snookies121762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

I loved Kefka's Dancing Mad. It was so awesome back in the day, hearing the music shift so naturally between the different phases of the tower of gods as you ascended.

thorstein1762d ago

The title should state "from last gen." That would be more accurate as there were plenty of amazing uses of music in video games for years.

Kyosuke_Sanada1762d ago

I'd like to add Wipeout to the list. It was awesome hearing your custom soundtrack echo as you a traverse a tunnel, sky rocket the treble as the player would take a jump or distort heavily when you use turbo. More videogames could learn a thing of two from Studio Liverpool's approach....