Crash Bandicoot’s Possible Revival Due to PlayStation All-Starts Battle Royale

Junkie Monkeys: Crash Bandicoot is in high demand these days, no really, just look around you. If there is one series everyone wants to see return to the market, it is Crash Bandicoot. For years it seemed like Crash was dead in the water, but I couldn’t help by notice that it was PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale that helped bring him back to life.

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Snookies121820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I love Battle Royale. Really fun game when you're crowded around a TV with your friends.

I'd love to see a new Crash game though. I loved Crash back in the PS1 days.

Treezy5041820d ago

Yeah man I loved it when I used to play it constantly, definitely a great co-op game with friends.


i acually bought the first crash when it was released. was pretty cool for what it was. im not sure id play a new crash, but id like to see one for the young generation.

Treezy5041820d ago

I played a few when I was younger, but I would love for Sony to be part of the revival. I didn't think I would love Ubisoft's Rayman reboot and they did an excellent job, I can only imagine how good a next gen Crash game would look.

XisThatKid1819d ago

couldn't have said it better myself man

WeAreLegion1820d ago

New brawler. Free to play. Includes Crash, obviously. Also, an announcement that a full Crash game is in the works.

_FantasmA_1819d ago

No free to play. What is wrong with you?

WeAreLegion1819d ago

You're right. I'd rather pay... What?

isa_scout1819d ago

OMG!!! I'm gonna flip out if Sony bought Crash...Bout damn time if you ask me.
Can you guys just imagine what a Crash game would look like on the PS4???

strigoi8141819d ago

i wonder if its good to make Playstation All stars vs Capcom

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