Seven Pokémon Game Freak Should Retire

As of right now, there are 721 known Pokémon species. Some of them are extremely badass, like Tyranitar and Haxorus. Others are the opposite, but charming in their own ways, like Goomy and Dunsparce. Most of the rest are somewhere between average and great. This article isn’t about them. No, this article is about the ridiculous abominations that Game Freak has served up for us over the last few decades. If you’re listening, Nintendo, please consider the following to be expendable at best.

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kirbyu1768d ago

This might be biased because Klefki is one of my favorite from Gen 6. But she's brand new, so it's way to soon to "retire" her.

Seriously, what did the author mean by "retire"? Make them not catchable in all future games? That's the only thing I can think of. I really don't see the point to doing that, for any Pokémon.