Sony Working on Improving Voice Recognition for PlayStation Games for Current and Future Platforms

While Sony did not forcefully include the PlayStation Camera with in the PS4's box like Microsoft did with Kinect and the Xbox One, looks like research is continuing to be competitive in the voice recognition field applied to gaming, as revealed by a career opportunity ad.

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Omar91974d ago

I really enjoy the voice recognition. It's pretty sweet and works flawlessly. I just would for Sony to let me be able to play with my pulse headsets already!

Ace_Pheonix974d ago

Depending on which one you have, the Pulse Elite can plug right into the DS4 with that cord that comes with it and it works flawlessly. But yeah, I'm really hoping that patch comes out soon.

Clover904974d ago

Wait, the Pulse Elite works with the DS4? Just audio, or does it work with chat as well?

Ace_Pheonix974d ago

It does both, but you have to hold down the home button and change the controller audio output to all for audio


WE need voice commands and recognition on the PS Vita. Itis so cool on PS4.

edonus974d ago SpamShowReplies(4)
Pogue1906974d ago

If you can't beat em, join em. right Sony

GTgamer974d ago

Eyetoy had voice commands first soooo ummm yeah.

Ripsta7th974d ago

I like that. Games first , extra features down the road

silvacrest974d ago

the way it should be for a games console

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The story is too old to be commented.