How does the old Killer Instinct compare to the new one?

Sometimes it feels like Killer Instinct is a melting pot of fighting game awesomeness. It's got the brutality and eye-popping visuals of Mortal Kombat, the quickness and ridiculous combos of Marvel vs. Capcom, and the reversal opportunities of BlazBlue.

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TheRacingX1768d ago

I was excited to see this one being a big KI fan, then I found out Rare wasnt involved, its a free to play, nickle and dime me type game, on a $500 console.... sorry, I'll pass for now, maybe later. This game is a generation late and this video doesnt even show real gameplay.... iffy.

Concertoine1768d ago

actually you can buy the full game for like 20 bucks. or maybe it was 40 can't remember.
the divided character system works because i only main 1-2 fighters in every fighting game i play, so i only have to buy 2.

TheRacingX1768d ago

I stand corrected. Thanks for that info

nasnas761768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

There's tons of gameplay videos online, complaining that this single video doesn't show gameplay is lazy on your part. Tons of hardcore fighters has been saying this is a solid fighter, all the reviews giving it a solid score, etc.

It's free for a single character with a rotating roster. $5 extra for each character. $20 gets you all the characters. $40 for extras including the original KI games.

Kanako1768d ago

I was hoping for a gameplay/feel comparison. =\ It was interesting seeing that they kept some of the moves the same. Although, what's up with Glacius rising hit move changing into a multiple hit?