Telltale is Developing a Game of Thrones Game

IGN has learned from multiple sources that Telltale Games is developing a game based on George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones.

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MajorAly1615d ago

If this turns out to be that eager project of Telltale then we can kind of confirm that later in the series "Red Wedding" will be reimagined.

Holy Wowza I got the chills. And there is no better studio than Telltale to develop an engrossing and engaging story world and deliverance of it.

Ezz20131615d ago

i love what they did with TWD and Wolf among us
so can't wait to see what do next

but bring Walf Among us Eps2 already

NewMonday1615d ago

this is massive

hope it as edgy as the show

also wish they do a take on Lost

majiebeast1615d ago

No flopping weiners please.

Treezy5041615d ago

Now I can only pray that they do a Breaking Bad game. I would kill for one right about now.

HammadTheBeast1615d ago

I personally think Game of Thrones > Breaking Bad.

Both are amazing shows though, I'm just a fantasy guy I guess.

Eamon1615d ago

Imagining TellTale making a Breaking Bad game...

A bit difficult. The show has a very central cast and isn't set in any sort of abnormal setting unlike TWD, GoT and TWAU. And the last 3 I mentioned each have ensemble casts in their source material.

Black-Helghast1615d ago

I would scream like a little girl if I got the chance to play as Walter White in this lifetime.

ginsunuva1614d ago

No, The Wire.

Just watch Telltale do every good TV series.

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Eamon1615d ago

TellTale can definitely do something in the GoT universe. But will it be directly related to the tv show or the original book series, A Song of Ice and Fire.

Definitely possible to conceive in George RR Martin's world. It's a rich world with huge bunch of mythology and side stories. Check out The Hedge Knight which is a short novel series thats set 70 years before A Game of Throns. TellTale could do something similar.

Baka-akaB1615d ago

It's pretty much the only way to keep their tradition of having story impacting choices anyway

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Snookies121615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Hell... Yes...

NYC_Gamer1615d ago

This is very damn good news right here

Blastoise1615d ago

Lego game of thrones? :P

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