Xbox One vs Xbox 360: Which Xbox Had the Best Launch Games?

Xbox One arrives soon, launch slate topped by Dead Rising 3, Forza 5 and Ryse. But how do Xbox One's launch games compare to the games Xbox 360 landed with back in 2005? Who can even remember? Jog your memory with the video below the cut.

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ProjectSeoul1766d ago

I would say the 360 launch titles were better. Kameo was such a good game.

Computersaysno1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

360 BY FAR had the most diverse and widest range of quality. You could pick up a few games and know they would be very good. PGR3 was superb. COD2 was fantastic. Condemned was rather good, amped 3 was too, Kameo and Perfect Dark were certainly enjoyable if you didn't have too high expectations.

Honestly you could buy 5 or 6 titles on 360s launch and they all would keep most gamers pretty chuffed. There was something for everyone in there.

However Xbox had the best outright game. Halo. It had a good few launch titles as well notably PGR. Oddworld was good but not as good as hoped. DOA3 was solid.

Xbox one has ermm... Some not so awesome multis and maybe Forza 5.Which is good but quite blatantly half a game compare to its predecessor. Battlefield 4 is probably the best game on Xbox One at launch.

It has the typical launch sports titles like most consoles but less of the depth and diversity of the older machines

georgeenoob1766d ago

Well of course 360 since pretty much all the games in the first year were like exclusives for MS.

corvusmd1766d ago

Considering that XB1 has best launch games and apps of any console ever...this answer is clear

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1765d ago

corvusmd + 1h ago
Considering that XB1 has best launch games and apps of any console ever...this answer is clear

The meta scores for xb1 games would disagree.

the worst1766d ago

easily the ps4 has the best line up

dcj05241766d ago

I prefer the PS4 too but GTFO this is about xbox one and xbox 360 not Playstation.

OrangePowerz1766d ago

I would say the 360. CoD was great and I loved Kameo. Gun and Condemned where good games as well.

Crazay1766d ago

I actually did have fun with Condemned and was thinking the other day that it'd be nice to see another one.

Half-Mafia1766d ago

When I got the 360 at launch I got

PGR3 (2nd best racer ever, 1st being Burnout Paradise.

I'm not getting a XB1 but the only game I would like to play is Dead Rising 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.