Xbox One vs. PS4 – Which console should you buy?

The quick answer to this question is neither – at least not yet.

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pat_11_51704d ago

I know I'm in the minority, but I think it's worth waiting right now. Both consoles have their advantages and disadvantages.

Intentions1703d ago

I'm going wait, so most of the launch issues are over. Prob be like next year when I get my next-gen consoles. By the time then the library of games would be a lot better too. Also that's when console bundles are probably going to come out :D

Langkasuka1703d ago

PS4 comes out here in mid-December, so most of the launch issues would have been fixed or eased out. But I'm going to wait, maybe in April or June when Infamous SS comes out, and I've saved extra for a 1 TB HDD upgrade :)

Saigon1703d ago

Good point. I did buy it early and waited a while to hook it up. I am though waiting for a better 2TB (the ones available now are crap) to come out or even a 3TB.

GhostTurtle1703d ago

Totally. The lack of backwards compatibility kills it for me.

1703d ago
GhostTurtle1703d ago

I am grown up you moron. Ive just got back from my 4th deployment from Afghanistan. WTF do you do? Simple replying to the guys statement about waiting to buy a new console you simple minded ****.

PSX041703d ago

i will buy ps4 .... cheaper, more powerful, smaller, best controller ... what i need more than that

GutZ311703d ago

I have a PS4, and a friend of mine has an Xbox One. I can safely say that both are not working as us gamers intend them to be used.
Waiting on some updates to firmware to fix bugs, and add speed, functionality to the respective systems is important for users to be happy.
Waiting is the best option at this point, let us early adopters be the guinea pigs so you don't have to.

JsonHenry1703d ago

I bought a PS4. It is basically playing CoD and Contrast because I already BF4, AC4, and the other multiplats on my PC. I'm not interested in KZ or Knack. Although I might rent KZ since it is supposed to be a pretty to look at game.

I'm just waiting all the games to come in. But at least I know when they do I will own the system.

AKS1703d ago


I think the dearth of available systems will cause me to wait regardless.

pat_11_51703d ago

I have a feeling they'll be more in stock before Christmas.

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1704d ago
pat_11_51704d ago

Huh? I don't know what you're talking about. Consoles will be restocked all the time? I doubt there are going to be crazy shortages this time.

mshh41703d ago

I am already buy the most powerful console in the world ps4

Einhert1703d ago

shame it can only manage 1080p and 60fps in select games in select modes.

If that is the "power" of next gen consoles colour me disappointed.

Pintheshadows1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

I have a PS4 preordered for the 29th so i'm just going to go for it. I have the money. I want a new piece of hardware. I want to play KZSF (i'm a fan of the series), and after seeing it at MCM London I want some next gen AC.

I'm pretty sure if you had an X1 preordered then you are sitting at home now with DR3 and Forza 5 enjoying your purchase.

Some may be able to wait. They are a minority I feel.

I'll get an X1 when Quantum Break releases. Gotta love Remedy.

CBaoth1703d ago

don't fret mate. I've purchased the last 4 gaming devices day 1 from Nintendo and Sony (The 3DS, Vita, WiiU, and PS4). Each one works great! Just purchase the extended warranty if it eases your mind.

Pintheshadows1703d ago

Yeah, i've never had a bad experience day one. It was more the games next year that I REALLY want to play so I contemplated waiting.

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