GT6 Gameplay Video: VW Scirocco GT24 at Ascari Race Resort

See the new AI in Gran Turismo 6 fight it out on a new track in the game.

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RedSoakedSponge1733d ago

YAY! i own a Scirocco in real life. AWESOME car :)

RevXM1733d ago

I love it too, it is gorgeus but I choose Golf over it any day simply because I can have 4WD with the Golf and with Scirocco you cant... Or well there is a few Sciroccos with it, but they are modded/show cars.

I approve of this video, now if only VW would build these...

RedSoakedSponge1733d ago

i owned a Golf before i got the Scirocco. very similar cars. i just personally prefer the sportier look of the Scirocco and thats why i got it :)

RevXM1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Yes they are pretty similiar indeed, but the sporty looks is a good reason to choose the Scirocco although I would not as Im a 4WD freak.
Havent driven one myself, but Id like to try one out to see how it feels and performs.

What is your opinion on VW's new Golf R with 290HP? Its the best so far no doubdt but IMO it sounds dull compared to the VR6/R32. A new 3 Liter twin-turbocharged VR6 is rumored to be in the next Golf R though. I can only hope.

TruthInsider 1733d ago

The king of console sims is back to claim its crown!

PraxxtorCruel1733d ago

Am I right in understanding that GT7 is releasing in 2014? How can that possibly be? They've just about finished with can they transition to the next console and redo absolutely everything from the ground up in a year? Wouldn't that hurt the sales of GT6 too?

Pintheshadows1733d ago

For one, it seems this new and improved engine is built to be easily scaled and they are using new tech for scanning the cars visually which can also be easily scaled. They will also have nice current telemetry data for all the cars they wish to include. The PS4 really is a strong developer platform so whilst I think next year is overly ambtious, early 2015 probably isn't.

neoMAXMLC1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

@PraxxtorCruel, Kaz may have jumped the gun with that statement he made. It could very well be possible if they go the same route as Gran Turismo 3 which released about a year and a half later after Gran Turismo 2.

memots1733d ago

the jump from Gt2 to Gt3 was incredible.
the jump from 4 to 5 was also quite good.

I am excited to see from 5/6 to 7 on ps4

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