CNET: PlayStation 4 Stealth killer App: Live Game Broadcasting

Much of the talk about next-gen consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, has been about how they don't really do much that's different from their predecessors. Sure, the game graphics are nicer, and the social media hooks are baked in from the start, rather than shoehorned in years later, but is that really revolutionary?

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GribbleGrunger1612d ago

Well, Sony's biggest selling point for the PS4s online infrastructure can't really be called a 'stealth feature'. But it's a good read nonetheless.

svoulis1612d ago

Was going to add, if you scroll through the people streaming PS4 games (myself included...) Nothing stealthily about it.

Spinal1611d ago

I said it before in a previous comment. The streaming to Twitch is a HUGE feature and some don't realise it.

Tho I won't buy one til like march when infamous comes but I can't wait to use this feature.

FullmetalAlchemist1612d ago

Yeah seriously, it's even got it's own dedicated button on the controller.

Stick891612d ago

I think people didn't expect this feature to really catch on as well as it is. Personally, I like to watch game streams and was excited for it, but then I got my PS4 and saw how seamless it was to watch and stream myself and even going in with high expectations I was pretty floored at how awesome it is.

Khajiit861611d ago

Sony doesnt show off with it. Think if the ps4 didnt have that feature and the xbox one did, microsoft would use that to try and kill sony and sony just played it cool and thats what I like.

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Grave1612d ago

I just watched dansgaming playing AC4: Black Flag and it looked amazing!

LoTuZ1612d ago

Its a great feature. One that I was sceptical of at first but now am completely sold after using it.

cell9891612d ago

I really want to try this feature out when Infamous SS comes out, and I still need to buy my camera

d0r1en01612d ago

Now if people would watch me play. Haha, the most Ive got at once is 7, viewers that is.

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