Xbox One at Best Buy: "We feel very good about the supply"

GIB - "We talk with Best Buy's vice president of entertainment about tonight's big Xbox One launch and why gamers "still want that disc" over digital."

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XboxDone1702d ago

It makes sense to feel good about the supply when you have no pre-orders

V0LT1702d ago

With everyone sold out "say to say" I wonder how much extra stock will actually exist?

UltimateMaster1701d ago

If all the games must be installed, then I find the disc pretty useless.

Naga1702d ago

Pray tell, what are your sources for claiming no pre-orders. I'm burning with curiosity here.

bestofthebest1702d ago

Pre orders are sold out get out from that cave

GoPanthers9991702d ago

My local Best Buy and several Gamestops indicated that they sold many more X1s than PS4s. A few Best Buy folks even said they felt there was very little new to PS4 other than graphics.

FragMnTagM1701d ago

I am probably going to be disagreed with, but I can confirm this to some degree.

I am the electronics supervisor at a huge retail chain and we received 14 PS3's including the 10 that preordered the system.

For XBOX One's we received 32 of them. 19 of which are pre-ordered. I got lucky and got a day one edition for tonight's launch as they come 2 to a box and there was one extra.

Of course it is most assuredly not like this at every retail store, but where I work this is 100% true. I also live in college town and there are always more people lined up for 360 version of games on midnight launch. I am sure that is reflecting in the numbers of the two new systems here.

djtek1841702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

i just drove by best buy today & there were only 2 people in line. 4pm ET

CrossingEden1702d ago

Did the admins really allow someone to make the name xboxdone and allow them to make these kinds of posts? Wow. And every pre-order chart from the last few months would like a long word with you. Hear that knocking on the door? It's called reality.

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MadMen1702d ago

Im curious to see the sales in comparison to the PS4 after 24 hours.

harrisk9541702d ago

Since Xbox is launching in more territories than the PS4 (remember the PS4 was US and Canada only), we won't have an accurate indicator until the launch of the PS4 in Europe next week.

xJumpManx1702d ago

That will not be accurate either. You will have to give it time. Sony sold thru what they had and most likely so will xbox tonight as well. Have to see a month or two of sales to really see anything substantial.

CaulkSlap1702d ago

They're both just going to sell how ever many units were produced. It's not gonna be until mid 2014 until we see the real trends.

gusgusjr1702d ago

uhm, can't we all enjoy what we have. Everything is about numbers. You know what they say about guys who want to keep measuring by the numbers....

Naga1702d ago

They're scientists?