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Nintendo really wants you to know that Mario can turn into a cat in Super Mario 3D World. That’s the primary focus of the game’s marketing.

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Jagsrock1616d ago

Only 8.8!! Time to grab the torches and pitchforks!

3-4-51615d ago

8.8 is a really good score.

It's also on the low end for most of the reviews.

Jagsrock1615d ago

I know lol twas sarcasm my friend :)

supreme251616d ago

8.8 are u crazy what planet are they from

cesuf1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

For this platformer genre (obvious Mario may not be your cup of tea of your only into fps shooters, sports, etc), no question this game should be getting 9.5 minimum and I really don't see why not a 10.

Mogwai1615d ago

Ah'll always be my fat little moustachioed hero :)

BosSSyndrome1615d ago

Honestly lowest score I've seen for this game.

weekev151615d ago

Nah theres a few 4/5s which equates to 8/10. I guess thzts what you get with a 1-5 rating.

FlyingFoxy1615d ago

I think 4/5 is practically 9/10.. it's a different scoring system, both are only 1 point away from a perfect score so it makes sense.

Misaka_x_Touma1615d ago

0.5/5 = 10
1/5 = 20

4.5/5 = 90
4/5 = 80

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