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LocoCycle review – crazy like a loon | Metro

Metro - "We’ve had to sit through a lot of terrible cut scenes in our time. We’ve endured games that commit crimes against storytelling which make Michael Bay look like Martin Scorsese, but we’ve always continued watching. Not happily, but it is what we get paid for and as tempting as it’s been we consider it a point of professional pride that we never skip anything." (Loco Cycle, Xbox One) 2/10

DirtyPimp  +   245d ago
''we have the best games ''
G20WLY  +   245d ago
This site gave Ryse 3/10 too :O

Seems a bit harsh, since most sites are giving that 5 or 6, depending on their bank balance!

To be fair, the LocoCycle reviews all have hideously low scores, though, as far as I have seen. I wasn't interested in this one anyway.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   245d ago
MS retail games are doing much better then there download games.
dale_denton  +   244d ago
our games are better than knack... you sure about that? hahahahahahha
Kayant  +   245d ago
Metro the most brutal next-gen reviewer??

Every single exclusives from both camps has been a 7 or in this case 2 for Loco, 3 for Knack & Ryse and 7 for Zoo Tycoon.
Naga  +   245d ago
Can we all just pretend that this game doesn't exist?
GiantEnemyCrab  +   245d ago
Who on Xbox is talking about LocoCycle? LOL

That's like big upping Contrast or something..
Enemy  +   245d ago
Surely there's gotta be a troll site like Destructoid or Kotaku, maybe even Polygon, to rate this a 9 or 10? Anyone?
GusBricker  +   245d ago
TP really hasn't made a good game since Ms. Splosion Man.

Would love to see them go back to making platformers.
Darkfist  +   245d ago
i still prefer this and Knack than Ryse

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