Xbox One or PS4 – which console is best?

Choosing to buy a new console at launch is often an act of faith rather than judgement. Sometimes new consoles launch with classic must-have games, but more often than not they are released alongside rushed sequels and barely altered multiformat games. That’s certainly the case with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but if there’s not any games that immediately demand a purchase how can you be expected to make a decision?

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Max-Zorin1765d ago

You are entitled to your opinion. If someone try to put you down for your preferred system, give them both middle fingers in the face Stone Cold Steve Austin style and move on.

Boody-Bandit1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

"but the vague promise of a new Uncharted is still about the only exclusive game you can make any assumption of quality about."

After 3 generations of high quality IP's you can only make assumptions Sony will provide quality titles for the PS4?
*rolls-eyes and walks away*

Lowsnamebrand1765d ago

Agreed, hell this guy has probably never played any infamous, they were both amazing and I can't see second son falling short, the graphics are stunning and the level of destruction they've been showing is beyond amazing, and they've made Seattle look beautiful...