Forza 5 is next-gen where it counts, but frustrating due to lack of tracks

There is no real campaign to speak of, instead there are simply series of races that focus on different collections of cars. You race, you earn credits, you buy more cars, and you race some more. You can tackle the races in any order, although you’ll have to spend some time saving your credits and grinding the races to pay for the most expensive cars.

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dedicatedtogamers1764d ago

My fear (and this pertains to more than just Forza) is that we'll see more fracturing of content in the upcoming gen. Compare - for instance - an EA Sports game from 2004 to today. A lot of those games had a TON of modes, many of which have been removed or sold as DLC.

360ICE1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

If games stay the same price and development costs keep going up, then yes, we'll probably see more fractured content.

sigfredod1764d ago

No problemo, you can have the same amount of tracks and cars that you had in Forza 4, just buy the season pass or the dlc, att: M$