Activision Closes 'Crash Bandicoot' Website, Removes All References to the Franchise

8CN: Despite the rumors that Crash Bandicoot would be returning soon for the PlayStation 4, it would appear that previous publisher Activision is trying to distance itself from the franchise. The official Crash Bandicoot website, which is owned and maintained by Activision, has been taken down. In addition, all mentions of the series have been removed from Activision's own website.

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Kayant1429d ago

YESSSSSSSSSS it begins :)

Ezz20131429d ago can't it really ?
sony bought it back ?

please god, let it be true

Enemy1429d ago

This happened pretty close to the VGAs...can it be?

PoSTedUP1429d ago

Crash Landing on PlayStation 4; high prolonged dopamine levels proven fatal in gamers, world wide shortage of mangos expected late '14 to mid '15.

woooOO!! : D!

Unreal011429d ago

This news makes me the happiest! I really hope this has happened.

Childprod1gy1429d ago

This better be done by naughty dog.

Plasticgearsolid1429d ago

@PoSTedUp Mangos are you kidding me....? Its Mother#$%@in' WUMPA FRUIT!!!!

Superherox701429d ago

Sony never owed crash, it was owned by universal but they had a contract with Sony to make it exclusive.

aCasualGamer1429d ago

Mark Cerny: “The PlayStation 4 will recapture gaming's glory days”



Crash Bandicoot on PS4 is happening!!!

DrRobotnik1429d ago

Sony is getting thier original mascot back!

AliTheSnake11429d ago

I Bought Crash Bandicoot from Activision.

HonestDragon1429d ago

Oh, God, I hope it's true! Crash was so misused under Activision's control. Please, please, please, let Sony have Crash Bandicoot back!

Vitalogy1429d ago

Hope they also bring a completely new CB to the Vita as well :)

SilentNegotiator1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

They should have purchased Spyro, too, before this happened...

RedDevils1428d ago

My Childhood is back lol

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Thatguy-3101429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Omfg!!!!! A next gen Crash By ND will bring so much memories again. I remember the guy dressed as crash always taunting Nintendo. Just classic man! This is the reason I like Sony. They're all about the fans when it comes to gaming.

Concertoine1429d ago

umm assuming they bought it.
id like to believe it too but lets not get ahead of ourselves lol

Outside_ofthe_Box1429d ago

Either way the sign that Activision may no longer have Crash, is very good news in itself.

Munky_Mafoo1429d ago

I guess the Crash Bandicoot reference in the PS4 advert was true. Oh Sony you

PHOSADRA1429d ago

This was in the PS4 commercial
A friend of mine broke the pictures down
The first one is the Sony Logo
The Arrow means "Coming to"
And the final image is Crash

Wagz221429d ago

What commercial is that from?! If you have the YouTube link or something. That is pretty crazy!

Enemy1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Yep, here's the full shot.

It's definitely coming, guys.

sonic9891429d ago

wwoooow that would be fantastic OLD memories just keep coming in my head
i am starting to listen to some of the classic crash sound tracks LOL ( that excited )

iiwii1429d ago


Cool, thanks for the link. I also noticed Ryu on the screen in the back of the cab too.

This definitely looks like something is happening with Crash, and it looks like Sony may be the new owner? Or maybe Naughty Dog?

DealWithIt1429d ago

More importantly: There is a trash can at the bottom :D

So, the whole thing now translates to Crash coming to Sony from, well trash (Activision?)


JackVagina1429d ago

that trash can could signify Activision


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DOMination-1429d ago

I don't know why people care so much? It must be nostalgia. The games were good dont get me wrong but hardly mind blowing. I think people are just clouded by memories.. gaming has moved on. Its the sort of thing that could be cool if its a cheap downloadable game

MrSwankSinatra1429d ago

keep your garbage opinion to yourself. if anything was shown with mario galaxy, rayman origins, sonic generations that platformers can still thrive if done right.

BluP1429d ago

Dude, I still play the original Crash games. Even CTR. It's more than nostalgia.

ShinMaster1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

They were awesome back then. But what makes you think (if Naughty Dog develops a new Crash game) that they won't evolve the series and enhance it beyond what we played back on the PS1 so that it actually is up to today's standards?

GT671429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

@ Domination

its not about a cheap downloadable game for most of us it's a chance to play something we enjoyed and loved as a kid and we FINALLY able to rejoice in our favorite game.

Hicken1429d ago

Ever have that moment where you wonder what the hell you just said?

This should have been one of those moments, DOMination-.

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Muffins12231429d ago

My god....the one comment with no are the savior of n4g

Snookies121428d ago

*Obi-wan voice* He is the chosen one!

GT671429d ago

if only we can get more old school gaming such as :
Battle toads
Gunstar hero
Battle arena toshendin
Metal slug etc along with Crash from SONY.

ps2 happy days again. HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE A-AGAIN!!!!

Thank you ps4

sonic9891428d ago

i was a sega fan because i entered the gaming world with Sega Genesis gunstar hero would be awesome in my opinion gradius too
but ohh the first game i got on PS1 was crash bandicoot so crash is sooo important HE IS THE SONY MASCOT ( with all the respect to sly, ratchet, jak ,etc )

GT671428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

cant believe a bubble was taken. sure i can it's N4G

@ Sonic i started off as intellivision gamer "burger time" played sonic was tired of losing gold rings never pick up a Sega game since. went to NES,SNES,played Crash on PS1...... still play Ratchet,Jax & DAXTER

sonic9891428d ago

imo sonic and crash ( old days ) were both tough games to beat sonic was too fast and crash needs ultimate timing and precision with every single move clearly i love both very much ( sonic more but you know what i mean )
viva grande Crash Bandicoot
@ GT67
i never owned a nintendo and well i played ratchet loved it jak loved it sly cooper loved it out those i would choose sly cooper he felt cool

Lboogieskells1429d ago

What if Microsoft brought it? lol

SilentNegotiator1428d ago

That reminds me; I need to visit Banjo-Kazooie's grave site and pay my respects.

Chris5581428d ago

not even a single dislike even xbox players love crash :)

SaturdayNightBeaver1428d ago

this will be an instant ps4 system buy for me.

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G20WLY1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Gasp! Could this mean...?


Might as well stick a PS4 tag on this article now... :P

Majin-vegeta1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

OMFG PLEASE BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CalibriSerif1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

wow, if sony really brought the franchise back, i will really cry.

and i am having goosebumbs right now i cannot explain why.

and please let it be NAUGHTY GODS only.


i really wish there will be a hd-remake of all naughty dog-developed Crash before Crash 4.

Oh please Lord, let it be true.

WeAreLegion1429d ago

I KNOW you didn't just steal the top comment from the Reddit post.

jerethdagryphon1429d ago

certinly sound like someone bought the ip outright

Majin-vegeta1429d ago

Yup and I don;t doubt it was Sony.

ABizzel11429d ago

I would cry and applaud M$ if they bought it. That would be pure evil, and the biggest troll move of all time in the gaming industry.


Chris5581429d ago

abizzel onky ND kniws the crash magic