Can't update your Xbox One via Xbox LIVE? Microsoft suggests taking it to a friend's house

GameZone writes, "As we reported earlier, Microsoft has pulled the Xbox One's day-one update from its website, removing the option to manually install mandatory patch via USB. This means, to have a functional Xbox One at launch you must connect the console to the internet. It also means that those who can't connect their Xbox One to the internet are screwed -- even if they managed to download the manual update via PC before it was pulled. If you won't have internet connection available, Microsoft suggests taking your console to a friends house or something."

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BattleTorn1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Well since Microsoft begun the "suggestions" conversation.

Some might "suggest" taking it back, and not buying Xbox.

They really gotta watch their language. Saying to customers that you "could do this" - as a consumer makes me wanna say "well, I also could, alternatively, NOT buy your product"

Why must they always make it seem it's 'their way or the highway'

kneon1518d ago

I just don't get it, it's like they are trying to lose as much market share as possible.

Kayant1518d ago

Oh my gosh.... Seriously how hard is it to provide alternatives such as USB or an ordered disc patch? I don't get it. This is utter BS.

Anon19741518d ago

Yeah, this is beyond me. I see no reason why in the months leading up to this they couldn't have just simply popped a disk in with the unit, or at least made them available to order..or shipped them to retailers. Something...

Khajiit861518d ago

That means Micro$oft has to spen some extra $$$

Belking1518d ago

Everyone knows xbox-one needs the internet for the update.

GarrusVakarian1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Yeah, but why can't they make an update readily available to put on USB, or on a disc like Sony have. Why take the effort to actually take the update off the internet? Do they do this BS on purpose? Then their response is "take your X1 to a friends house".....

Belking defending MS without even reading the article. Smh.

Cueil1518d ago

that would mean you have the internet right?

Kryptix1518d ago


No, it would mean you can order the patch from Microsoft through a phone number. That or you can visit a restaurant or cafe with free wifi and get it from there using a cellphone or laptop. Many options, but since it's not possible to patch through USB/disc, you're going to be taking that big box to a friend's house to do it which you never know...might not have the time or room for it.

Khajiit861518d ago


Think if Kinect was still mandatory for the system to work. Might need a couple trips to ur friends house with that gamecube the power cord has attached to it.

FITgamer1518d ago

Do you even read the articles? It's saying that people without internet connections who were planning on updating with USB can longer do that.

Majin-vegeta1518d ago

Why can't they offer a disk if people dont have internet??Like Sony.

Nujabes_1518d ago

I've seen this excuse a few times already. Who is going to buy the Xbox One if they don't have internet? 90% of the features of that console are usable only if you have internet.

Why spend so much on something you're never going to use to it's full extent? Genuinely curious here.

T21518d ago

@Nujabes - so would you agree then if features like TV don't work in your country then you shouldn't buy an xbox either? because the list of people NOT buying an xbox could get rather large....

brbobcat1518d ago

My favorite is that an Xbox Support representative didn't know how to use "there"

Dlacy13g1518d ago

To be fair, I am not sure most on N4G do either.

BattleTorn1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

they're plenty of us that do! :P