DFC Intelligence lowers Wii U lifetime sales forecast to 25m or less

GameDynamo - Bad news for Nintendo - according to GamesIndustry International, DFC intelligence intends to significantly lower the sales forecast for the Wii U in its upcoming December 3 release

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Neonridr1728d ago

Good for them, too bad they will have to amend their report January 1st after the holiday sales are done. Do they not know what game releases tomorrow? Might be a good idea to hold off on any estimating before a game that is historically known to move units releases.

LOL_WUT1728d ago

Nah too little too late. Even Nintendo had to drop their estimated forecast and the delays certainly didn't help. ;)

Fanboyssuck271728d ago

Time will prove u wrong.
Ur wishes won't come true, sorry to burst ur bubble.
Nobody cares what a troll thinks, your irrelevant to Nintendo and any true gamer. d;o)

Concertoine1728d ago

i thought they kept their 9 million forecast for FY 2014. not that i think theyll make it but im pretty sure they kept it.
Anway, im positive the wii u will sell more than this. this gen will last at least another 6 years, and nintendo won't cut support for the system when anything they release on it is guarranteed to sell since their fans buy everything they make.

ShinMaster1728d ago

@ Fanboyssuck27

But Nintendo did drop their estimated forecast.

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that the Wii U is a failure or anything. It just won't reach the Wii's success. My guess is it will reach N64 numbers.

ritsuka6661728d ago

This guys will eat crow in the ending of this gen, just watch.

iamnsuperman1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

We will see how many units they ship this Christmas when two new systems have just launched (one of which managed to do over a million in in one region). The Wii U sucess will not happen this Christmas (it will be poor for them, depsite how well the one game has been reviewed, because it just a affect when new hardware is released). They need to (and it appears they will) make a move for 2014 which will be the deciding year for them (if they can't do it then they are in trouble)

dedicatedtogamers1728d ago

Gamecube-style games will equate to Gamecube-level sales. Nintendo needs to bring back the sort of games that made the Wii popular.

Kevlar0091728d ago

Remind me when Nintendo didn't make some of the best games on the planet. The last time I checked anything below an 8 was an anomaly for a Nintendo game. The games Nintendo made during Wii are the same games they made in GC, SNES, NES, N64, and now WiiU

It's the marketing and focus the WiiU lacks atm

DEATHxTHExKIDx1728d ago

Regardless of sales I'd pick Gamecube over wii any day.

Concertoine1728d ago

i dont think thats the kind of audience they need to be chasing after.

ShinMaster1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Hey, GameCube had better games than Wii.

The problem was continuing the gaming trend of the Wii on a console that doesn't have the same appeal as the Wii.

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EcoSos31728d ago

Because the first year say how well the console will keep selling, just look at the PS3 and 3DS both are selling well.

lilbroRx1728d ago

It never ceases to amaze me how fast negative news regarding Nintendo gets approved, while positive news idles for days.

meganick1728d ago

Yup, the Nintendo (and Microsoft) hate on this site is relentless.

Dunban671728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

If they don t have several yet to be announced games to reveal after the holidays (for 2014/ 1st half of 2015 release) then we will be lucky to hit 20 million- At some point very soon- Nintendo needs to act like they actually care about the future of the Wii U- So far they have seemed very ambivalent or even hesitant to support the Wii U- IMO most 3rd parties saw how little Nintenod was getting behind the Wii U shortly after launch and said if Nintendo are not going to support it then why should we?

If we had not had Ubisoft releasing games on the Wii U this year it would have been a far worse drought

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