The Dallas Morning News: Sony’s PlayStation 4 is better than its predecessor in every way

When Sony launched the PlayStation 3 in 2006, they did so from a place of power and arrogance. Their PS2 was the best selling console in the world, so they released a successor that was hard to develop for, un-imaginative in terms of features and more expensive than its competitors, expecting that gamers would buy it anyway.

After years of being outclassed and outsold by Nintendo and Microsoft, Sony has a lot to prove with the PlayStation 4 — and it shows. In an effort to reclaim the console gaming crown, Sony has created a system that is better than its predecessor in each and every way, though it’s not without a few hiccups.

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GiantEnemyCrab1765d ago

"After years of being outclassed and outsold by Nintendo and Microsoft, Sony has a lot to prove with the PlayStation 4 —"

Um, it is NOT better when it comes to media support. I know it will improve but that title is just wrong.

xHeavYx1765d ago

Well, it's an online newspaper, what can you expect?

GiantEnemyCrab1765d ago

True. I guess when they said outclassed and outsold I should of guessed where it was going.

Maddens Raiders1765d ago

My PS2 and PS3 just read this and started pumping this through their connected speakers....

XisThatKid1765d ago

Yup except from playin Mp3's and the like. Aside from that I can say most of that is true.

Unreal011765d ago

Your title is wrong, I don't think you're a giant Crab.

GiantEnemyCrab1765d ago

Hey that's decapod crustacean to you pal!

MysticStrummer1765d ago

It's also untrue that Sony has ever been outsold by Microsoft, in the console department anyway. I'll accept "outclassed" simply because of XBL's feature set, even though the big talking points like Cross Game Chat and Custom Soundtracks were uninteresting to me personally.

ceedubya91765d ago

Better than its predecessor? I should hope so!

Section81765d ago

Media support should never have been taken out to begin with. I don't care if it wasn't a priority, it seriously isn't that hard to put it in there. Why do lesser devices have this functionality and the PS4 doesn't. That's crap and it will always be crap until they fix it. I don't like jumping back and forth to my ps3 to watch media. Or my PC.