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Ireland racks up most pre-orders for PlayStation 4 worldwide

Pre-orders for the soon-to-be released PlayStation 4 console have been stronger in Ireland than in any other country in the world, a comparison of GameStop global pre-orders suggests.

Consumers in Ireland have also logged the most pre-orders in Europe for the Xbox One console, with Australia having nabbed the most Xbox One pre-orders on a global basis. (PS4, Xbox One)

sigfredod  +   513d ago
Interesting, Ireland was not the first country that came to my mind to be leading the pre-orders on the world, lol
OrangePowerz  +   513d ago
It`s a calculation on the amount of stores, so it`s not like Ireland has the highest pre orders. They hav the highest pre orders per store.
Hicken  +   513d ago
As expected, it's a percentage thing. I highly doubted, from the start, that Ireland out preordered other, much larger markets by sheer number.
The_KELRaTH  +   513d ago
Thought maybe it had something to do with them using Euros as it works out cheaper than buying with pounds.
andrewsqual  +   513d ago
And I will be at the largest % store next Thursday night behind the scenes :)
tigertron  +   513d ago
OllieBoy  +   513d ago
Remember that Europe is Sonyland. You thought the NA launch was a success, just wait.
JoGam  +   513d ago
Great point. Congrats Sony
Drekken  +   513d ago
Honestly, Sony should have hit Europe this week. 11/22 would have been a fun day.
ZBlacktt  +   513d ago
Oh, the US is the largest consumer on the planet in the industry. This is why every launch stars here. Read the story about how Sony held back on releasing all it's consoles at their first launch. So that families could get one for the holidays Christmas time. Hence why they are being resold here now by re-sellers for double the retail price for those who want one now. Either way, it's all good for Sony this year and rightfully so. I love mine...

Recall the PS3 didn't even come to Europe until spring 2007.
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mafiahajeri  +   513d ago
Lol somethings got to be wrong here!
KNWS  +   513d ago
I'm from Ireland. Sony was leading here over XB1 i was aware of that. Buying an xb1 myself.
MasterCornholio  +   513d ago
And Ryse?
jc48573  +   513d ago
lol, didn't know Conan had such an influence at E3.
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GentlemenRUs  +   513d ago
I did not see that one coming! :P
1nsomniac  +   513d ago
mike32UK  +   513d ago
Haha you win! This actually made me LOL
kydrice  +   513d ago
Majin-vegeta  +   513d ago
Gonna potate!!!

OT:Go Sony http://25.media.tumblr.com/...
MysticStrummer  +   513d ago
Don't hate. Potate.

Cheers to my irish brethren.
from the beach  +   513d ago
Bailout's over, PS4s for everyone!
Lucreto  +   513d ago
The taxes from the PS4 is the reason Ireland is finished with the bailout.
DirtyPimp  +   513d ago
the irish are smart.
KNWS  +   513d ago
Most of my mates are Sony fans and will be getting a PS4, not a big deal. PS4 is great if you are just a gamer, but i wanted a console that does other stuff too.

I have also lot of x box live friends from the UK, I'll be playing with them.

This was just pointed out to me by someone lol

Consumers in Ireland have also logged the most pre-orders in Europe for the Xbox One console, with Australia having nabbed the most Xbox One pre-orders on a global basis.

Ireland, is gaming crazy.

Ireland has exited the bailout guys only country in it thats about to coming end of year. Ireland, is becoming an booming economy again.
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ezop  +   513d ago
tell that to the English & the Scotish or paddy & murphy
superbhoy  +   513d ago
im from ireland and all anyone is talking about in relation to gaming is gta 5 or ps4...
hardcorehippiez  +   513d ago
its true im from northern ireland , Newry and all the talk is about ps4 , xbox isnt even a blip on the radar and yes ireland is gaming mad
andrewsqual  +   513d ago
@hardcorehippiez You going to Dundalk for the PS4 launch?
Lucreto  +   513d ago
Also to note back in the PS2 days Ireland had the highest concentration of PS2 per household outside Japan.
AlphaBlackWolf96  +   513d ago
I knew preorders were big in Europe, but I did not expect Ireland to be leading in them. All well, preorders are preorders. Great job Sony!
jacksjus  +   513d ago
Australia isn't a country. Just FYI.
STK026  +   513d ago
Australia is a country. It's the name of the continent, but also of the country. Or did I miss the joke?
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saint_seya  +   513d ago
The name of the continent is oceania..
And Australia is a country.
Hope you guys are jking...
berndogskate  +   513d ago
And im one of them
evilbart  +   513d ago
Me too I'm from Ireland and all my mates have the ps4 pre-ordered, they have been sold out for weeks roll on the 29th it's hard watching our American friends stream on twitch.
monkey602  +   513d ago
This isnt the first time news like this has come from ireland. This is what i meant earlier in the year when i said retailers were reporting a 7 to 1 ratio in favour of ps4 orders to xboxone.
I cant wait to get mine next week. However after giving the xboxone a lash last weekend i can say at least nobody will be dissapointed in their console choice.
( unless they pick up ryse ha ;P )
BitbyDeath  +   513d ago
LOLWUT, that speaks volumes if true cause Xbox didn't get many preorders here in Australia. Gotta be wrong
nikoado  +   513d ago
Does anyone know when the second shipment of ps4's is coming to Ireland? Is it before christmas?

I only put down my pre-order in early September but was told the first shipment had been completely sold by about mid July :(
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Lucreto  +   513d ago
You might get it before Christmas. I can't remember the cutoff date for Christmas but I think you will be okay.

They are saying they are sold out of PS4's until the New Year for people who have not pre-ordered.
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monkey602  +   513d ago
August bank holiday was the cut off for first date. But Sony have done what they planned in the states and are over stocking. Most stores planned for this and have a 2nd wave queue. If I were you I'd run into the nearest hmv or xtra vision and put a refundable €10 deposit down. At least there's some chance in it. Unless you want to over night camp outside Argos

edit: sorry I forgot you said you did order it. It's possible you will be okay for an order made in September but no retailer is going to guarantee it to you is all. They just can't be responsible if it never got to you
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Big-Bruizzer  +   513d ago
And they said Ireland and their people were broke and poor over here in America. What a crock.
monkey602  +   513d ago
It is true. It's rough here at the moment but apparently our drinking average is down 20% maybe this is why ha
SpinalRemains138  +   513d ago
Potato Station!

Fam someone beat me to it.

Go Ireland! Bone go home!
M83_  +   513d ago
Nice to see more Irish in here too! I'm one of them. Everyone here is talking about the PS4 and nobody the X1, in my experience so far anyway.

Got my pre-order and a few mates are desperately trying to get there hands on some, good luck to them! :D

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