Ireland racks up most pre-orders for PlayStation 4 worldwide

Pre-orders for the soon-to-be released PlayStation 4 console have been stronger in Ireland than in any other country in the world, a comparison of GameStop global pre-orders suggests.

Consumers in Ireland have also logged the most pre-orders in Europe for the Xbox One console, with Australia having nabbed the most Xbox One pre-orders on a global basis.

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sigfredod1704d ago

Interesting, Ireland was not the first country that came to my mind to be leading the pre-orders on the world, lol

OrangePowerz1704d ago

It`s a calculation on the amount of stores, so it`s not like Ireland has the highest pre orders. They hav the highest pre orders per store.

Hicken1704d ago

As expected, it's a percentage thing. I highly doubted, from the start, that Ireland out preordered other, much larger markets by sheer number.

The_KELRaTH1704d ago

Thought maybe it had something to do with them using Euros as it works out cheaper than buying with pounds.

andrewsqual1704d ago

And I will be at the largest % store next Thursday night behind the scenes :)

OllieBoy1704d ago

Remember that Europe is Sonyland. You thought the NA launch was a success, just wait.

JoGam1704d ago

Great point. Congrats Sony

Drekken1704d ago

Honestly, Sony should have hit Europe this week. 11/22 would have been a fun day.

ZBlacktt1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Oh, the US is the largest consumer on the planet in the industry. This is why every launch stars here. Read the story about how Sony held back on releasing all it's consoles at their first launch. So that families could get one for the holidays Christmas time. Hence why they are being resold here now by re-sellers for double the retail price for those who want one now. Either way, it's all good for Sony this year and rightfully so. I love mine...

Recall the PS3 didn't even come to Europe until spring 2007.

hello121704d ago

I'm from Ireland. Sony was leading here over XB1 i was aware of that. Buying an xb1 myself.

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The story is too old to be commented.