Ryse was supposed to be terrible, right? Surprise It’s not bad at all

Has there ever been a game with more negative buzz than Ryse? The $60 Xbox One game had a disastrous showing at E3, people were buzzing about quick-time events that you couldn’t lose, and it’s common knowledge that the game is a prime example of what happens when you focus on graphics over game play and interaction.

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G20WLY1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

No it wasn't. It was supposed to be great, but most reviewers and some gamers are not liking it at all. It being only 5hrs long and $60 was the final nail for me.

You (the writer) do like it, and your opinion is no more or less valid than anyone else's.

So, go forth and enjoy! It's okay to go against the grain - nobody can tell you what you should like.

Enemy1727d ago

And in case anyone missed the Ryse review flood this morning.

AlexanderNevermind1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )


Thumbs up for Well said

With DR3, KI, and Forza being niche games (ie games that appeal to a select group more so than the masses), This was supposed to be their Killer App and the reviews are worse than I thought it would be, even from the initial chatter.

@ Malokevi

Killer App in respect to appealing to the masses. Moreso than the other launch exclusives.

malokevi1727d ago

"This was supposed to be their Killer App"

Since when? People have been tearing it to pieces since E3. TITANFALL is supposed to be the killer APP... if memory serves.

Hicken1727d ago

Since every Xbox fanboy from here to Calcutta was proclaiming it the best looking game ever.

Since they downplayed every bit of news about it that wasn't "Ryse is the greatest."

Since they said the polygon count for Marius was the same for all characters.

Since the downgraded polygon count didn't mean anything.

Since 900p became better than 1080p.

Yeah, I think it was about then that Ryse became the XB1's killer app.

dcj05241727d ago

Forza is awesome man. I never really owned a XBOX (360 failed on 2 mintgs after getting it) and I don't plan on getting one but when I played Forza 5 it was like a dream. DR3 Killer instinc and Ryse are medicore though.

AlphaTrion1871727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

The same can be said about a few ps3 games sir....also thats most likely without side missions etc. @G20WLY

quaneylfc1727d ago

Well done! You now know what reviews are: just unimportant opinions.

G20WLY1727d ago

lol thanks, but I knew this before, this isn't news to anyone.

I will say this though; putting corrupt sites to one side, there comes an unspecified point where their consensus view is more reliable than gut feel, hype or hope.

If nine out of ten reviewers say a game is poor, it likely is. 'Number 10' is either a fanboy or a 'special snowflake' striving to be different because he's trying to be cool.

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Hatsune-Miku1727d ago

Crack was suppose to be terrible right? surprise ! Its not bad at all

JCOLE131951727d ago

Funny bubble to you sir.

Revolver_X_1727d ago

Crytek makes THE best tech demos!

B-radical1727d ago

Alot of people knew going in it wasnt gonna be good i had a feeling it wouldnt. But i still had high hopes. Since its getting some ok reviews i may pick it up one day

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The story is too old to be commented.