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6aming's review of the first PS4 exclusive first-person shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall. Find out what we thought within.

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G20WLY1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Very possibly the best in the series so far, and certainly an excellent building block for future iterations on PS4 :)

Exciting stuff, the MP/co-op is going to go from very big to HUUUUGE!

Edit: MrDeadRight! That means EVERYONE will have all maps and the community longevity is going to be even stronger than previous Killzone games :)

MrDead1765d ago

The other awesome thing about the MP is that all the additional maps that will be added are free.

Blaze9291764d ago

"Very possibly the best in the series so far"

i have to completely, COMPLETELY dissagree. I just beat Shadow Fall a few days ago and hated it. Wtf was up with that ending!? Fool me once in KZ3, fool me twice in Shadow Fall?

I honestly just really hated the "open world" feel they tried to bring to a shooter that didn't have much shooting to be honest. Levels taking 40+ minutes for no reason, story and characters are boring.

Multiplayer is sweet though but honestly, i don't think there should be any more killzones.

Bigpappy1764d ago

Even this reviewer, who was so generous with the scouring, Agrees with Blaze:

" If you plan to stick with the campaign mode, however, you may find yourself lacking for a reason not to trade the game in."

I am guessing his score is based mostly on multiplayer.

G20WLY1764d ago

^Nice trolling Pappy, the reviewer says the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Blaze said!:

"Killzone: Shadow Fall has to be the best game in the series as of yet, gameplay is ten times improved, the story has a little more meat to it..." Did you miss this part? 1st paragraph!!

That reminds me...I missed you on the Ryse reviews, where've you been fella? :P

G20WLY1764d ago

lol, ^Blaze, you're in a lonely minority there sunshine! Several reviewers (including this one) have said this and many players too. There no pleasing some people, smh!

This is an improvement in every regard, sound, graphics, story, movement/controls, AI, various new gameplay components, multiplayer - and soon, co-op! :)

lastofgen1764d ago

I have to disagree.
Visuals are superb, but best in the series?
It's your opinion and that's totally cool, but I still dug killzone 2 the most.

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Zadom1765d ago

I just finished the single player yesterday and I liked it a lot. Story wasn't fantastic but it played and looked fantastic. And what a great soundtrack. Mp is fun too. I played on easy since I am not great at FPS but thought it was a polished gem. My rating 8.5

ThatCanadianGuy5141764d ago

About right.Loved the single player but the ending felt very rushed and just..anti climactic to say the least.

Really enjoyed the "extra" little ending bit tho.That was great.

zpoc1764d ago

yes - one of my new favorite game soundtracks. very evocative and dramatic. i thought the gameplay was great, too. i played it on normal and found it challenging enough - i tried a level on hard and found that it just turned enemies in to bullet sponges which kind of broke the game's balance - it made the OWL's attack function basically useless.

Bathyj1764d ago

One week. Cant wait. Looks liek the best Killzone yet and I've loved them all. I would buy a camera if only it had Move support.

zpoc1764d ago

i know, me too. big missed opportunity on sony's part. considering kz3 supported it, i'm a little surprised they didn't bother with shadow fall - without it, there's basically no reason to buy a camera, and no assurance anything is coming down the line to change that.

scott1821764d ago

It looks soooo good. I can't wait to give it a try.

TooTall191764d ago

The MP is the best around. Haven't touched the single player, but already got twice my money's worth.

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