Ubisoft: "If we didn't care about PC, we wouldn't bother making our games work on it at all"

DSOGaming writes: "All hell has broken loose yesterday when Videogamer reported that Ubisoft does not care for PC optimization. As we said when we reported that story, that quote seemed to be taken out of context and it appears we were right."

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aquamala1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

as someone that's gaming in a triple monitor setup 5760x1200, UbiSoft games have always just work, it's an experience you can't get anywhere else, kudos to them for that, and lunacy to suggest they don't care about PC gaming.

malokevi1730d ago

Games don't look 100x better on PC, PC fans are up in arms. Games dont look 100x better on PS4, PS4 fans are up in arms.

Same shit, different day. Any excuse to complain is apparently a good excuse.

1nsomniac1730d ago

My guess is the hate is coming from A Ubisoft comment this week that stated "they dont believe they need to optimise pc games because the PC is not so important"

..Seems to have rubbed some people up the wrong way, understandably.

Murad1730d ago

Well certainly i know I was. I paid a good amount of money for my rig, and that's because I know I can achieve something far greater with mods and the developers can help by making the code a lot more in-sync and raise to a whole new graphical fidelity. But the way Ubisoft is saying it, they just literally flipped off every PC gamer out there, stating that 60 bucks isn't good enough for them.

starchild1730d ago

Yeah, I think people way over-exaggerate the problems with optimization. I own all the Assassin's Creed games, Far Cry 3, Splinter Cell Black List and Prince of Persia, and I have played and enjoyed them all. It's true that some of them are pretty demanding, but they are also some of the nicer looking games in their genres so a lot of that is understandable.

Black List does (did?) have a problem with micro stutter in the DX11 version, and AC3 needed to better utilize multi-core processors, but other than that most of the games have been pretty good.

I would like to see a little more polish be put into all of their games, but at the same time it's not nearly as bad as some people make it out to be.

webeblazing1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

I think its more of they games just are turning to a quick money grab that's y I stop buying them. They games were never polished no matter what platform like some said in the other article devas just release game n patch later. Hopefully this gen the will make a new franchise instead of releasing ac every yr

Plus we all know its different devs that's apart of ubisoft so not getting the point. Step your game up son.

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ATiElite1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Ubisoft makes some Darn fine AAA PC Exclusives so I DO NOT know where this "Ubisoft Hates PC Gaming" CRAP comes from.

sure they could put a little more effort into their PC multiplats and add PC options and optimizations like we are use to having but Ubisoft is better than say:

EA and there CRAPPY locked 30fps on NFS:r WTF is that?

Just release ACIV PC, get input and patch it 2 weeks later at the max. i find this to be normal for Console Multiplats on PC.

and By then ACIV will have dropped Dramatically in price anyway.

smiles at my shiny new avatar!

john21730d ago

Depends on the studio to be honest. For example, Splinter Cell: Blacklist had a great PC version.

pandehz1730d ago

I agree.

And conviction port to this day lags out on a good computer.

Far cry 3 ran well but AC3 just leeched resources.

raresteak1730d ago

"If we didn't care about money and PR" *

Maxor1730d ago

If ubisoft didn't care about PC then Uplay wouldn't exist, not only that but the fact that Uplay is second only to Steam should be telling enough.

Murad1730d ago

Uplay second to steam? Can I see a source? Last time I checked, there's more games on GOG and more individuals using GOG or even Origin than they are using Uplay.

Maxor1729d ago

I was talking in term of a digital "service". Origin is utterly garbage, many of their games still do not offer any achievements or forums aside from Battlefieldm and unlike Steam or Origin, unlocking achievements on Uplay can grant you additional content.

In terms of publisher digital service goes, Uplay is the one I hate the least.

webeblazing1730d ago

Ubisoft has a ton of exclusives that's not on consoles so yes just trying to downplay that they alway try to make a quick buck with at just like some other devs do with games that need to stop. Ac has always been buggy on all platforms that's y people said they're lazy. At least gtav online mode was buggy because the tried something ambitious

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