Is the Kinect 2.0 an Unneeded Extra Cost for the Xbox One?

CCC Says: "When the Kinect device first launched on the 360, it was a tool that was designed to work with a handful of games. That list of games didn't grow dramatically over the rest of the 360's lifespan, and with the exception of hidden gems such as The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles, there weren't very many must-play titles that required Kinect. Fast-forward to earlier this year, and in the middle of Microsoft's PR nightmare that was the Xbox One reveal, it was announced that not only was the new model of Kinect required for the system to function at all, but the device would always be on. Several Internet protests, public mishaps, and backpedals later, Microsoft announced that while the Kinect would still be packed with the Xbox One, it would no longer be required for the system to function."

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PSVita1697d ago

Yes it's completely unneeded just like the original kinect. The only things they've shown it can do is voice commands which the PS4 can do with just that crappy mono ear piece. Saying that though right now the PS4 command are limited to the UI and not in game but that's software and can be updated.

The PS camera is also 1/4 the size which surprised me honestly but both are unneeded and I'm glad don't isn't forcing it on people that are happy just having the actual console.

KingDadXVI1697d ago

The PS Eye does not even come close in capabilities to the Kinect 2 with the Xbox One.

The voice command functionality is also far superior on the Xbox One. Even Francis AKA Boogie2988 who was dead set against the Kinect 2 coming with the Xbox One agrees that it is great.

If you don't like it that is fine. If you love PS4 that is fine. Leave it at that. No one is making you buy an Xbox One so don't try defend your console choice by trying to compare an after thought accessory like the PS Eye and PS4 Voice commands with what the Xbox One was designed from the ground up to do. Just say that I like the PS4 better, don't make up lies.

nasnas761697d ago

Unneeded, much like how vibrating controllers are. When used properly, it can be a create a more immersible experience, much like how vibrating controllers are.

ezop1697d ago

"Is the Kinect 2.0 an Unneeded Extra Cost for the Xbox One?"

IMO - no it's good business practice, if you think about it logically, developers now know that every XB1 has kinect functionality (not some people do and some don't, every XB1 has it - wether you use it or not is upto you), so from that point of view developers know they can spend time, money & effort into trying something new.. it's a bit like BF4 with the head/body tracking, if you lean one way your player will peek round the corner, It frees up button configurations in that respect.. Xbox fitness is another (upto you if you want to use it but its there if you do).

ShowGun9011697d ago

kinect > ps eye
+$100 > $60

first, i hope its better for the premium you pay for it. Second, I like having the option not to pay for it.
Third, I don't actually believe any hardcore games will use it for anything useful, much like i don't think they'll utilise the ds4's trackpad too much either.
Fourth, I love my ps4 and thats fine! LOL jk i hope both do well, go competetion!

SilentGuard1697d ago

Yes, and thankfully its no longer required to be plugged in and any Kinect required commands in games have been made optional. I'd be PO'd if I bought a game and found out I had to use voice commands without any choice in using the controller. I have no interest in playing any game that requires voice commands.

KingDadXVI1697d ago

On the hardcore triple AAA games we will have to see but it is highly likely it will be incorporated but not in the way that most people assume. Most people still have the idea of full motion gaming in their head as the only gaming function of the Kinect. I would argue that fully motion gaming will be the smallest segment of the Kinect. What you will see is more subtle uses of the Kinect such as in game voice commands, hand gestures, and some of the more natural things that most people do while gaming like imitating the character you are playing on the screen like leaning around the corner.

The Infrared and UV portions of the Kinect's vision will also play a role in allowing the games to determine your emotional states and potentially adapt the game to suit.

I think that the most interesting things involving the Kinect will come from independent developers in a year or two. The more people playing with it the more ideas there will be.

As for people who don't like it then don't buy the console. I want the Kinect mandatory so that developers adopt it and use it.

I have not seen a game that is full voice or motion control yet that I want to play either. You know what the solution is? I don't buy the game. Why should anyone be stopped from playing that game just because you or I don't like it?

SilentGuard1697d ago

I have no problem with passive Kinect functionality, nor do I take issue with anyone that wants to use Kinect. My concern would be games implementing Kinect motion or voice functionality that would be required to use. If its a Kinect game thats one thing, but unless every game that requires Kinect actively in some form explicitley states it how would someone know before buying the game? The examples stated in the article are now optional to use instead of mandatory and thats a good thing, for both those like me that don't care for Kinect and those like you that do.

NeoTribe1697d ago

We needed an article for this? No duh it needed a kinectless bundle. Than again if your not into kinect than you would be really stupid not to get a ps4 for better and higher graphical games.