Next Week on the US/CA PSN: November 26th & 29th – 4 PS4 Games, 2 PS1 Classics, 1 Vita PS+ Freebie

With the PlayStation 4 releasing in Europe on November 29th, the PS4 gets a few more releases in North America, with perhaps the biggest one being War Thunder. Past that, we get a couple of PS1 Classics, as well as Soul Sacrifice for free on PlayStation Vita to round out the November 2013 PlayStation Plus free games. - PSLS

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WeAreLegion1699d ago

War Thunder!!! Also, I love Escape Plan and flOw. Can't wait to see how good they look.

FamilyGuy1699d ago

Wow, I'm loving this steady flow of games and Free 2 Play + PS Plus = Sony spoiling us.

Definitely gonna download Soul Sacrifice So I have it when I eventually pick up my Vita Tv at its U.S. release.

dantesparda1699d ago

Holy guacamole! I see what you did there. "flow"!?

Im just kidding

Kanako1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Yay! Soul Sacrifice!