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CCC Says: "HOLY CRAP IT’S KILLER INSTINCT! This is what people were shouting when Double Helix announced its plans to resurrect the fan-favorite fighting game franchise at E3 last year. Ever since then, pro fighting gamers have been going out to location tests and special events like E3 to see how the game is evolving. Unfortunately, now that the game has released for the Xbox One, it appears as if there isn’t much more to the game than what we saw in these test versions. It’s still an incredibly fun game, but it’s likely not the blockbuster release that most fighting gamers were hoping for."

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Belking1702d ago

What the hell kind of score is

GusBricker1702d ago

People for the ethical treatment of people who don't like to round up, me thinks.

5eriously1702d ago

What! Can we believe this? We need more reviews!

Maybe this is another Sessler trick?