Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay

Gaming Grunts got their hand on the game and is here to deliver a complete walkthrough of the game. So far, Gaming Grunts has shown the instruction of the game, showing how it resumes after the ending of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Additionally, it explains the mechanics of the new gameplay integrated.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

So the game looks not to be straight up hack in slash because attacks still depend on ATB but the player has way more control on the individual in terms of movement and such. I do like the battle system (which should have been implemented in the first Final Fantasy XIII honestly juxtaposition with the Paradigm system) but as mentioned before by another post, this would have been exciting if SE haven't exhausted the series.

VsAssassin1672d ago

This is so true! When FFXIII was revealed in 2008, it showed great promise. The battle system was fast paced and SE even commented back then that it's going to be so.

When the game came out (after several delays*), it was a let-down. I was one of the many people who got really disappointed; and I'm not even blaming SE for porting* it to the Xbox 360.

I just want SE to do great this generation. Yes, I've skipped XIII-2 and I will skip this one too, but I'm looking forward to FFXV as it's really showing great potential.

NeXXXuS1672d ago

The battle system actually looks very nice. Might give this one a try. I never did get Xiii-2 though just because I didn't like XIII