Battlefield 4 Engineer Class Overview & Gameplay Tips

Learn all about the Engineer class found in Battlefield 4. Picking off enemy vehicles and repairing for allies are this class' specialties. Find out what weapons & gadgets you'll have access to plus read over some great Engineer gameplay tips in this article.

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fredrikpedersen1697d ago

I think a lot of the fun of MP games is learning them yourself. :p

LAWSON721697d ago

How about people learn how to use rockets because I love when I get in heli and get shot at by a AA tank the whole time. I am always an engineer because teammates dont know how to blow up tanks

ShutUpDonny1697d ago

I just played for the first time last night and I suck! I don't understand anything and I don't see the enemies before I'm already dead ! Maybe it's because I'm colour-blind ? I did not have fun at all and I just feel bad because I make my team lose. I'm really not a MP guy, but it looks so cool! I might give it a second try.

LAWSON721697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Just like other multiplayer games that are not COD it takes a little time to learn.
Also I have a .50-60ish k/d but I am quite the team player. Sometimes I get something like 0-10 but get 3500 points which is not terrible IMO. BF is about teamwork not killing people. Sometimes I have teammates that go 15-0 by camping in a tank and not helping the team especially a big problem in Rush. At the end of the game everyone on his team give him nice comments /s