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So much death. So much spilled blood. And depending on your level of affection toward precious, ancient stoneware — so much smashed pottery! Nothing is safe from the barbarians rampaging through Rome, thirsty to smash your head in with swords, axes, and some rather fancy flaming skull-batons.

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ma1asiah1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

A little dissapointed to see it only currently having a metacritic score of 61 based on 34 reviews

The common denominator that keeps it scoring quite low is due to the rinse and repeat combat system which is such a shame.

Some have actually praised the story
Most have praised the game from a visual standpoint (which is not surprising really its what Crytek are most known for)
The multiplayer has been a love or hate mix with reviewers (so at the end of the day it will depend on the gamer and what you like as to which side you might fall on)
Most have loved the setting, the voice acting to name but a few.

So Crytek havent totally failed with Ryse Son of Rome at least in my humble opinion....the fact that some actually liked their approach to the story telling in this game is a big deal considering that most believe its an area Crytek normally struggle with and usually end up failing to pull off.

Now just like others who might jump in with a I told you so, remember that even when it is a game journalist, reviewer, critic etc it is just an opinion. One you may agree with or not.

I'm still totally psyched for this game despite everything and will be counting down the hours untill work finishes so that I can pick up my X1 and give this game a go.

4Sh0w1767d ago

Yeah I agree actually been reading a lot of reviews and I make no excuses for the poor combat choices in Ryse but the more I read I still think I'm going to like it even if I may have to grind through the combat so I can take in the whole cinematic experience of Ryse, most reviews are just rightfully bashing the repetitive combat, but I'm still excited to get my hands on.

AlphaBlackWolf961767d ago

I don't trust OXM that much to be honest. They seem to have a rule about not giving Xbox exclusives anything under a 7. Hell, they gave the supposedly horrible "Lococycle" a 7.5. Seems completely biased to me, although, it is called "Official Xbox Magazine" so, what do you expect?

Convas1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

There is no review on earth that could persuade me to not buy Ryse.

Edit: Excuse me for basing my gaming decisions on *GASP* my own opinion.

WeAreLegion1767d ago

"It killed my father and raped my mother!" - IGN

MasterCornholio1767d ago

It was that bad huh.

Nexus 7 2013

Drekken1767d ago

Yes, I also like to award companies with my hard earned money for poorly made products. The combat is crap, the story is 5-6 hours, and microtransactions. Sounds like fun! My opinion is your opinion is a bad one. Either way enjoy your game.

busytoad1767d ago

4/10 from LoL Another fail X-bone game.

ma1asiah1767d ago

Dude give it a rest

Look if you are going to be so juvenile why don't we look at what Knack scored on Gamespot

40/100 Gamespot (4/10)

Knack's downfall is that it focuses entirely on combat, but doesn't offer enough variety or depth within its system to compel you onward.

Gee doesn't that sound like the same complaint people are having with Ryse.

HammadTheBeast1767d ago

Both games suck, like typical launch titles, let's move on now.

ma1asiah1767d ago

@ HammadTheBeast

I disagree, I think both games have their faults and flaws but there will always be those that love the games despite what game reviewers, journalist or critics think or how low they score the game.

Just like us in the forums it is just an opinion based on their own experience, nothing more and nothing less.

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