First Confirmed Reports of Broken Xbox One's in the Wild

Last week, prior to the PS4 release, the larger gaming media pounced on every report of a PS4 problem like rabid animals. This week, with the Xbox One coming out tomorrow, reports of issues with the system are generally being ignored. But with the system technically already launched in parts of Europe, we’re starting to see issues pop up along with video proof.


It has also emerged, that a few Xbox One's are having problems, with the rejecting of discs, as a vine has shown. Although take all these reports with a pinch of salt, clarification from Microsoft should indicate actual fail rate.

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dedicatedtogamers1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )


As with the PS4, which turned out to be normal launch-window failure rate, let's not jump the gun.

Angels37851369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

NO!! We need to assume that this issue is a LARGE scale thing and ignore official reports of less than 1% failures. ALSO lets not forget...we need to claim that this is the NEXT RROD in a pathetic attempt to see the other console go down in flames because it would somehow fill another pathetic rivalry void with in us all.

Obvious sarcasm is obvious....but maybe you can see how pathetic some of the xbox fans were about all this. Electronics failure rates happen especially on NEW hardware. Heck most electronics have somewhere between 8-10% failure rates
This is no different. Less that 5% is considered an outstanding accomplishment. I know PS4 AND Xbox one will have launch failures....every electronic does. Heck when the iphone launched it had a 15% failure rate.......

Put things into perspective before being a ridiculous fanboy making claims.

abzdine1369d ago Show
Kingthrash3601369d ago

called this on a roll today.
hats off to both ps4 & x1 gamers with broken systems. i know its painful.

shoddy1369d ago

Wonder if the media would over react like they did to ps4

hakeem09961369d ago

Just saying download the damn update on a flashdrive people if you going to get an Xbox or a PS4 .saves you tons of time and no network issues .All that video shows is that he should have downloaded the damn update on a flashdrive .
Good thing i'm getting my consoles Next year.No need to be an early adopter this gen

gaffyh1369d ago

This was obviously going to happen. A lot of fanboys jumped on the PS4 failures, and a lot will probably jump on these failures. Unless we start seeing an RROD-level of failure, I think we can assume everything is okay. Plus, the console is huge so there should be enough ventilation.

mark134uk1369d ago

i presume it will be fixed if he just grabs the update on pc and puts on usb,aint as tho the xbone is really broke

although not being able to play without updating kind of sucks

nightsurge1368d ago

Seriously? Lol fanboy website gets approved on here... This is a video of someone unable to download the update. It is NOT a broken Xbox One/DOA/BLOD unit like with PS4's. Not saying their won't be any broken units, but this is not one of them.

Also, for those unaware, Xbox Live is undergoing last minute maintenance/switch over right now, which could very well be the issue with whoever seems to have gotten their Xbox One already and is trying to download the update.

harrisk9541368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )


Well, that's 2!

Where did you find that video?

EDIT: Ignore the question... it's in the link! :)

Soc51368d ago

You sound really excited, I wouldn't say you're a fanboy but I would say you are putting a bit too much energy into this silly console wars debate. Why do you care what fanboys of whichever camp think? That's what puzzles me the most why do people care what the fans of whichever console think? If only 1 out of a billion consoles fails and there are a few losers harping on it, so what? let em, why should anyone care anyways. Pick the one you like or pick em both but lets stop caring what other people say.

tagan8tr1368d ago

@hakeem0996 except MS removed the offline update from their site..

Krosis1368d ago

Oh get over yourself. It's no more "pathetic" than Sony fans spitting on anything Xbox. Christ, the hypocrisy on this site is a joke. You console kids are always good for a laugh. You resent Xbox fans poking at the PS4 failure rates knowing FULL well the Sony camp would do the same thing....What a joke.

Anarki1368d ago

Everyone will be so quick to jump on the doom and gloom bandwagon and say one console is defective solely because of a select few defective consoles.

Boody-Bandit1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

This is what I wrote 5 days ago when the PS4 hardware issues were being blown WAY out of proportion.

"Those that would make this into something it's not might want to take a breath. The next console is about to be launched, and if anything, they are the ones that have something to prove when it comes to reliability.

All electronics have a failure rate. Until it's a known fact what the percentage that rate ends up being it's a moot point. Personally I don't think either side should rub salt in the wounds of a gamer going through hardware issues. We gamers are like kids on Christmas morning when we get our shiny new consoles to welcome the dawn of a new era of gaming. You have any idea how discouraged the people having these issues must feel? I've been there and it's nothing but frustration. Anyone that gets enjoyment out of another's dismay has issues they might want to go see a doctor for and get checked."

ChrisW1368d ago


"Wonder if the media would over react like they did to ps4"

Nope. Because everyone is still rolling their eyes over the PS4's problems being blown out of proportions. You can call it, "being desensitized"

Azzanation1368d ago

Honestly what's wrong with you. I am a PC gamer and all I heard b4 any of these 2 systems released was RRoD2. Hmm I am sure Xbox Fans wouldn't be saying that. Honestly grow up. PS fans are known to be the worst out of the 4.

UltimateMaster1368d ago

The iPhone 4 had a bad design flaw with it's receptors. Yet Apple is recognized for quality on software.

KyoSiegfried861368d ago

It's finally time to see how will media react to this. Will they react like PS4 or will they remain silent?

SilentNegotiator1368d ago

The problems with XO/PS4 could be miniscule or it could be large scale. Who knows? People thought that the RROD was an isolated incident at first, too, especially a mere week in.

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G20WLY1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

After X360, launch problems wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

But this is probably just a hiccup that can be fixed quickly.

Mr_cheese1369d ago

I did have to laugh at this article.

"Based on the video, it’s possible it’s a bad power supply judging by the light on the power brick. If it isn’t that, it could possibly be something else"

At least they covered every option reason of fault.

There are going to be issues occuring with launches like these. The PS3 had them, the 360 had them, the ps4 has them and inevitably the XB1 will have them. The generation will get through them

tagan8tr1369d ago

I agree but don't include the xb 360 as normal a 20-30% fail rate puts it in a catagory of its own..

firefly691368d ago

He nees to buy a new HDTV that screen its all screwed theres no uniformity on the screen black!People want to play well and play on that horrible screen.

thrust1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Why did this guy say 720? Bit fanboyish!

He sounds stupid to me I bet my wife could update and that is saying somthin!

DragonKnight1369d ago

Yeah, that is saying something. It's you saying your imaginary wife is stupid. That's pretty disrespectful man, you should remember that imaginary people have feelings too. She's going to make you sleep on the couch now.

black0o1369d ago

maybe his TV is 720p did u consider that ? or u just sensitive to the word 720p

jimmyateham231369d ago

Why even buy it if ur a ps4fanboy, and maybe his internet connection sucks maybe that's why his console is not updating

LoTuZ1369d ago Show
Mr_Writer851369d ago


He is VERY sore about 720.

I had a PM from him crying about how COD would be 1080p on X1, when proven wrong he cried and blocked me.

thrust1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

I blocked you because you are a rude person!

For the record it was you who pm me first in anger over my trolling :)

A keyboard warrior, someone who is very rude behind a keyboard because they know nothin bad will happen to them.

NarcolepZZZZZZ1369d ago

Right before he says 720p, at the bottom of his screen it says 720p. This is why he says it.