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Ninja Theory Denies Reports of Going Mobile Only

Despite the statements made by Tameem Antoniades to Edge Magazine about how the console market was broken and Ninja Theory was going mobile; the official twitter account has denied those claims. (Android, iPhone, Ninja Theory, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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ritsuka666  +   613d ago
No one really cares about this guys anymore.
DCfan  +   612d ago
Some people do, they've made some great games. Not bcause they changed dante's hair they are bad. I swear some people are just children

Heavenly Sword, DmC, Enslaved.
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Smashbro29  +   612d ago
Which game did they make that was good?
-Foxtrot  +   612d ago
"Not bcause they changed dante's hair they are bad"


It wasn't JUST about the hair

The reveal was but then when they showed us more more LEGIT reasons about not liking the game surfaced.

Heavenly Sword was the only good game by them, a game which could of been improved with a sequel and hell maybe if they tried their best and worked hard they might of been bought by Sony in the distant future...who knows.

dmc was a bad game and was a step back for the franchise and everything DMC was.

A game which is a step back should of never gotten good reviews when it was worse then the other games (DMC2 is questionable).
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Baka-akaB  +   612d ago
Except mostly kids without arguments and repartee keep going back to the "dante's hair" well .

Enjoy the game , it's your right , but accept already that people had reasons to dislike it .
blackblades  +   612d ago
I care I liked Heavenly Sword, Enslaved, I also liked the demo of dmc. It's just you people having issues and you think everyone agrees with you and has the same mind/taste like you.
Rhezin  +   612d ago
Heavenly Sword. THAT'S IT. Enslaved was terrible and DmC did not impress. Heavenly sword on the other hand, I'd love to see another. They really nailed that game. Sad thing is it's the only game they WON'T make. I heard it was a fallout with Sony or some crap.
kreate  +   611d ago
And yet, they refuse to make heavenly sword 2.
Sevir  +   612d ago
Why did edge misquote him. He never once stated that they are goi.g Mobile only, just that the industry in its current form is broken with the $60 AAA release since you can make a great game at that level and not even break even.

Why would he say the studio is going Mobile only but have job listings on their website asking for experiencebin GPGPU programing as they are need deep next gen software development,? he hasnt said anything in this interview that would have us think he needs to can it as everything he has said is valid to a degree, if you read the interview he clearly states his views on the industry and that they have games spread across mobile as well as knee deep in Next Gen development.
kreate  +   611d ago
His words were misleading.
But instead of him coming out and clarifying, ninja theory just denies it.
Master-H  +   612d ago
In my opinion the only way i see this company going forward is if they give that mouth piece Tameem the boot,this is the only way i see it, he's just a giant black hole of negative energy.
PS3gamer4life  +   611d ago
Enslaved 2 please

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