Xbox One Closing in on PS4 Preorders

While early data for console preorders from major online retailers in the U.S. showed that consumers clearly favored the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One immediately following E3 2013, the gap in sales between the two next-gen consoles may have narrowed significantly. According to the most recent pre-order data from IGN retail partners in the United States, PS4 led Xbox One in preorders by only around 10 percent.

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xHeavYx1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Funny, Gamestop just said 2.3 million people are still waiting for a PS4.

christocolus1767d ago

That is after exhausting intial launch that is stated there that they are also expecting a large waiting list for the xbx one too.

black0o1767d ago

^^ the fact that they are still taking per-orders for x1 and the gate was close long time ago on the ps4 show how the demand is way high on the ps4

alejandroelputo1767d ago

Microsoft keeps acting like child hen it comes to sony winning with the powerful ps4.

malokevi1767d ago

Yeah, lets all argue about something stupid!

abzdine1767d ago

MS is ready for everything to give value to their console.
Greatness awaits nov 29th

nukeitall1767d ago

Well, both Sony and MS is selling everything they can ship.

If demand outstrips supply, it is hard to talk about real demand. I think we have to wait until next year when supply exceeds demand.

Until then, it is just whatever each console manufacturer can ship and has nothing to do with actual demand relative to each other.

That said, what happened to 4 to 1 pre-order ratio in favor of PS4?

scott1821767d ago

If sony sells 1 more console than ms in the US that would be huge, looks like people want the ps4 a bit more here, that is a huge feat for sony. Good job to them.

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ChipdiddyChip1767d ago

Mmm! Its going to be a very interesting console war

Xsilver1767d ago

well they did say in the US but worldwide i doubt it.

AngelicIceDiamond1767d ago

Yeah I can see it.

Though it would be great for MS to have a huge launch like Sony did. Sony will absolutely continue to outsell X1 post launch.

That 100$ difference is the winning factor for Sony unless MS drops the price. No matter how you look at it.

So unless MS decides to drop the price, Sony will just continue to outperform its competitor by a pretty hefty margin imo.

4Sh0w1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

You're talking way too early bro, a lot can happen in 6 months after all those early a adopters and loyal gamers have their console in the US, then it's about what people who don't follow sites want. Just try to remember back at those E3 polls and online game site surveys according to many I saw X1 sells should be about to fall flat tomorrow but no its sold out, it will continue to sell out for awhile until both consoles demand lightens and there is plenty supply then that's when we'll know which is going to carry the US, worldwide sony brand recognition is still stronger but micro will do fine there too in the years to come as they did this gen in most regions except Japan.

frostypants1767d ago

People aren't taking preorders for the PS4 anymore. So obviously the One is closing in. Doesn't mean anything.

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Thatguy-3101767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Read the article but why is the pre order lead dwindling again? This just falls back on the statement that EA said about both consoles having sold 5 million each. The PS4 will sell more than 5 million world wide watch. Simply a title to have people arguing about it.

frostypants1767d ago

You can't pre-order a PS4 from most places right now. Pre-orders are thus not a full gauge for demand for the system right now.

Big-Bruizzer1767d ago

Whatever lie they need to say to make it seem fair or close.

thrust1767d ago

Yeah it's a lie mate.!

Hicken1767d ago

It might not be a lie, but... when did they stop taking preorders on PS4?

But they're still taking em for XB1?

Not that it's a lie, but let's get some perspective in place. The article doesn't state anything about preorder windows, when they stopped, and so on.

So while it could be true, it's very likely that IF it's true, it's due to there having been no PS4 preorders in quite some time, while XB1 preorders have persisted.

Guelly02091767d ago

Ok and???? It's only in 'Merica, home of the M$ so Sony winning or losing in a close one is a win because ps4 will sell more in Europe and in Asia

rulakir1767d ago

Why can't you all just enjoy your console of choice, and stop acting as if you own stock at Microsoft or Sony.

R3ddBuddah1767d ago

what if some of us do...?

Max-Zorin1767d ago

I say the same thing laughing at these comments. Their behavior is most likely from a psychological scar some trolls left on them during 2006.

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