EA Stocks Nosedive Due to Battlefield 4 Sales Decrease

HardwarePal : The sales were affected by the launch , the first week was a nice start for the game but wasn’t much of an expected milestone. The franchise managed to sell 622k copies of the game, but the worst started in the second week where it’s sales were almost cut in half Globally (-47.6%).

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AliTheSnake11764d ago

Gee, I don't know EA, let's see.

Maybe because, the game is BROKEN ?!
Fix it damn it !

Miskonius1764d ago

The real question is how and when are they gonna do it?
They havent even fixed the Vanilla versio and they are already about DLC's such as China Rising Second Assault.
Just give them money and dont think too much, that's all they want

Marcello1764d ago

Yep most clans & members i know just haven't bothered now with BF4. Anyone who says i bought bf4 & its broken just gets told "did you expect anything else" or " i told you so". After bf2, bfbc2 & bf3 all being buggy & broken the trust is gone gone gone

willie321764d ago

While you are fixing it, add a party system too!

NewMonday1764d ago

tying all the marketing with an unpopular console could be a big reason, talk about putting all your eggs in one basket, apparently the MS moneyhat wasn't enough.

THEDON82z11764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

It makes no dame since that I got a nice fresh PS4 and BF4. This is one my primary launch games that I had been waitn for and the 64 players don't work,NO CLAN LOBBIES or any in-game support,DMR ARE GIMPED and for some [email protected]@ reason all my saved game data is constantly being corrupted and wiped out, this makes tryn to finish the single player portion pretty much useless.DICE GET YOUR [email protected] TOGETHER.Good thing i got Killzone:shadowfalls and all the F2P games to help soften the blow.I dont what worse the fact the you got moneyhated by M$ or the fact you keep talkn about dlc when the basic game is brocken.

While I am at since I am stuck with only domination and team death-match. Get rid of all those [email protected]@ COD STYLE MAPS if I wanted to be stuck in a cramped [email protected]@ map I would have bought COD:GHOST.

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3-4-51764d ago

BF4 will sell really well once they fix bugs & give us 32v32 via conquest mode.

DeadMansHand1764d ago

So EAs conquest to raise the stock fails miserably. Oh, the irony....

mochachino1764d ago

I bought it for PS4 and the multiplayer is broken. It's a compete chore trying to get a match and the only ones I can get are rush.

I bought the game for 64 player conquest. Feels like a waste of money.

MatrixxGT1764d ago

Yes same here. Very angry, hell even 32 player conquest would be ok right now. I hate just about every other part of MP.

I can get to team death match but if I wanted that id buy cod.

khellendros11764d ago

Yeah, I'm really disappointed in BF right now. I can only get on domination and rush sometimes. What's aggravating is that EA is denying there is any problems.

THEDON82z11764d ago

Right tryn to say somthing like we will fix it "NEXT WEEK" how [email protected]@kn convenient after XBONE is launched and they get Second Assault timed exclusive.If this game was not so much fun and Epic and one of the primary games I play with my clan(when it works).I would have passed on there a$$'s a long time ago when they canceled Bad company 3.

frostypants1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Yep. Conquest mode IS Battlefield. Everything else is fluff. The fact that it doesn't work is completely fubar.

malokevi1764d ago

Looking forward to seeing if it will run properly on my Xbox tonight.

MatrixxGT1764d ago

Good luck. I've just been trophy hunting the campaign as MP is so jacked up.

malokevi1764d ago

That sucks. I usually can't bring myself to finish the first level of FPS campaigns. I'm just gonna pray to Jebus, Buddha, Allah, Veishneu, and the whole gang.

Naga1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Isn't it a bit premature to despair over "low" sales when they are about to see a 200K spike in sales this week thanks to Xbox One pre-orders?

(Source: VGChartz - 204,905)

Kleptic1764d ago

the articles sales figures are completely useless...they're referring to PS3 sales, and its a known issue that VG doesn't even track online all...

BF4 is NOT a 360/ps3 game...2nd week sales dropping by 47% on a 7 year old system? that is yet another week closer to the Ps4 or xbox one version...this title was never focused on current gen systems, so their lackluster sales should not be surprising...

In either case...i feel bad for DICE, but think EA is getting exactly what they deserve about this...its an AMAZING game...but only when it works...and working less than 50% of the time across nearly any platform is so far from acceptable its not even funny...its been confirmed that EA forced it out to beat ghosts, and it back fired...but, at least on PC, its coming around pretty quickly...another client patch for this weekend, monday has the rumored R12 server update giving more control back to admins, etc...and for a lot of us, the crashing has dropped significantly...

Miskonius1764d ago

You are right there, but when you see how big is drop in sales after week one you really have to wonder.
Those are preorders from people who are still hoping that the game would be fixed by launch (or a bit later)
They tried to compete with COD and they have failed form this perspective. People are buying COD no matter what. They should have just finished the damn game and the numbers might be even better.
Instead we got his...

TacticAce1764d ago

Of course I hope developers understand how important game optimization is now and stop relying on patches so much. You will lose sales and fans if they keep that up.

Naga1764d ago

Part of me would like to think that we have the launch windows to thank for the incompleteness of some of these games. Because I have to agree... the trend of perpetual patches is bad for the industry and for gamers in general.

Kleptic1764d ago

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS blame a publisher for pushing a game out...this is entirely EA...nothing to do with developer competence...

BF4 does things in multiplayer that no other title ever attempted...a tangible sign of how good of a dev DICE can be...however, suits at EA love buying more suits...and the sooner they push something out the sooner they can buy them...BF4 is case and point...fantastic title that was released at least 2 months too early...

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