The First Xbox Made Me Distrust the Xbox Brand

So the Xbox One is being released soon? One gamer relates his experience with Microsoft’s first foray into the console wars and why it caused him to think twice in getting Microsoft’s latest video game machine.

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Funantic11727d ago

How did this guy get to turn his biased opinion into an article like it really matters?

Stringerbell1727d ago

Its submitted as an opinion piece.

GiantEnemyCrab1727d ago

I still have my first Xbox and works like a champ. It was the most powerful console at the time and once things like XBMC were created the thing still has usefulness today as a media center. You must of not heard about all the PS2 DRE's which I experienced back in the day. Then I had a YLOD with my launch PS3. Maybe I should write an article about how I distrust the Sony brand. Nope, bought a PS4 instead.. And guess what? It is having hardware problems as well..

This is not an Xbox only thing kid.

malokevi1727d ago

I loved my Xbox. Eventually modded it. Designing my own Halo CE maps & campaign settings was a blast. Used to impress the hell out of my friends. People still bring it up to me.

Ever shot charged plasma bolts out of your assault rifle? Rockets? Tank bolts? It's a good feeling :)

Transporter471727d ago

My first Xbox doesn't eject correctly anymore so I just modded the hdd and put games in it.

SlapHappyJesus1727d ago

The PS2 was the only console I had to buy more than one replacement for.
Sitting on my third and fourth, having to switch certain games between consoles because they pick and choose which ones to play.
Neither like almost any PS1 game.

Thank god for emulation.

kewlkat0071727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

I doubt people getting xbox ones gives a sh!t bro....

Every console has had issues.

-Kewl story

SlapHappyJesus1727d ago

My Xbox crapped out, which happens to consoles.
I, myself, buy what was a crap replacement drive and that failed.
I gave up and wrote an article ten years later.


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