PS4 Exclusives Score Higher than Xbox One Exclusives

Chris Vellucci from SpawnFirst writes: "What’s a war without numbers? Every time you learn about a war in school they tell you the number of dollars spent, the number of soldiers killed, the number of days, etc. Console wars are no different. Between the nations of Microsoft and Sony, they have several soldiers (read as: games) that they’re proud of and with the consoles being released, we can now see how the launch game reviews are starting to add up."


Please remember that as of the article's posting, the Metacritic scores listed in the article were valid. As Metacritic adds in new reviews, the overall scores do change.

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GiantEnemyCrab1555d ago

Contrast is NOT an exclusive. It is available on Xbox.

admiralvic1555d ago

And the PS3...
And the PC...

GrizzliS19871555d ago

though i prefer the ps4, you cannot use flower in there to boost the score...its a last gen game, be fair :/

AngelicIceDiamond1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

@Crab Contrast is a PS4 exclusive the dev said it may come to X1.

@Monocle Ok I gotcha, agreed.

4logpc1555d ago

Beat it on 360 so no.

kneon1555d ago

According to the developers web site

"First things first, we’re hoping to release the game on 15 November 2013. It’ll be coming out on the PC (Steam), PS3, PS4 (both via PSN) and Xbox 360 (through XBLA)."

So no it's not exclusive to PS4.

Moncole1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

People need to learn if you can get a game on another system than its not an exclusive.

Contrast also on PC, PS3 and Xbox 369
Super Motherload also on PS3 and coming to PC
Flower also on PS3

These are not exclusives, and people need to sop using console exclusives. Unless they change the game so much than I will consider it an exclusive.

MizTv1555d ago

I agree
A real exclusive is a game that can only be played on that system
If a game is on pc and only on 1 console it's still not a exclusive

maddskull1555d ago

but games only on ps console are considered exclusives and if you say so then titanfall isnt an exclusive

Moncole1555d ago

Seeing how Titanfall is on three systems it cant be an exclusive.

ziggurcat1555d ago

i bet polygon rated the xbox version higher than the PS version.

DeadManIV1555d ago

You are right, but you cannot buy it on the xbone, therefore it could be considered a next-gen exclusive.

AC2020x1555d ago

I think it is fair to call it an exclusive if it is only on PC, Microsoft or Sony without being on any of the others. I never played flower on ps3, but just bought it for ps4. Can't wait to play this exclusive.

admiralvic1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Yes, but this article is written by someone who is rather uniformed.

If you go off your logic, then...

Sound Shapes and Injustice (the GOTY edition has all the DLC and an exclusive skin, which makes it different enough from the Wii U version) should be listed. You could also start counting free to play games, though, at this point you're just arguing semantics to justify some things, but not other things.

DeadManIV1554d ago

Any game not on the Xbone is technically a next-gen exclusive. My logic is solid here.

RiPPn1555d ago

So it's okay for Xbots to call Titanfall an exclusive but it's not okay the other way around?

admiralvic1555d ago

Xbox people generally ignore the PC side (and many people in other groups agree), since it would result in them having a LOT fewer exclusives. However, there is a big difference between a Xbox One / PC title being called an exclusive and a PS3 / 4 / Xbox 360 / PC title being called an exclusive.

Cuzzo631555d ago

And the point of all the comments.... lol we got more exclusives. .. our exclusivs are better.... thats not true, Sessler thinks otherwise...

This is really gettn ridiculous. ..

bryam19821555d ago

but,but,but xbox have better launch games greatness awaits???? on xbox too???

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Kingthrash3601555d ago

i called this..
that said tho its time to game on gamers. if u got a x1 enjoy it, if u got a ps4 enjoy it.
the loooong wait is over (almost over for x1 fans) the scores are in we can bicker and argue all we want but as of now its time to play games and make our own decisions on how this new gen is.
i'm happy with my ps4!
im sure you'll be happy with your x1.

BX811555d ago

True, this is the first time I've been a part of the gaming scene leading up to a console release and holy $hit it was brutal. It's time to put the pitch forks away and drop the torches. The time for gaming is now. Lol.

PFFT1555d ago


Neixus1555d ago

Kinda ironic after seeing your profile picture

MasterCornholio1555d ago

I remember you said that Ryse would be GOTY.

What happened?

MatrixxGT1555d ago

100% agree. Now maybe the bashing of sonys titles will end and vice versa and the fanboys and shut up and play their new consoles.

DialgaMarine1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

So much that Xbox 720p quality. I guess the games are about as good as the console's average resolution. XD

AngelicIceDiamond1555d ago

Immature comments like this^ ^ is why this site stays in the bottomless sesspool of other gaming outlets.

This site will never ever learn. People will never learn here.

MysticStrummer1555d ago


Sessler should use this instead of "Sessler's something".

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